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  • The seasons in Sisters: Cold winters, hot summers
  • Get out into the great outdoors

The small town of Sisters, Oregon certainly has a big personality. With a population of just under 3,000, this quaint town with Old West charm is located in central Oregon, about a three-hour drive from Portland and just a twenty-minute drive from Bend. In the heart of Sisters Country, this destination offers scenic views, a wide range of outdoor activities in all seasons, and most importantly, a friendly atmosphere of locals who greet visitors and neighbors alike with warm smiles and quick friendships.


Here are all the details about this delightfully charming town that will have you putting on a cowboy hat and making new friends.

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The seasons in Sisters: Cold winters, hot summers

Although winters in Sisters are very, very cold, rarely getting warmer than 40 degrees and often hovering in the 20’s, the summers make up for all the chills. The average summer temperature in Sisters is a comfortable 83 degrees, but bring your jumper as it can drop to 40 degrees at night. That’s because it’s located in the high desert region of Oregon. Set against the backdrop of the snow-white peaks of the Cascade Mountains, Sisters is bordered by the endless green Willamette National Forest to the west and Deschutes National Forest to the south. Surrounded by so much unique geographical beauty, Sisters has something extraordinarily rare for the Pacific Northwest: it’s officially classified as having a Mediterranean climate.

With all the beautiful weather and open spaces, there are so many outdoor activities to enjoy here.

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Get out into the great outdoors

Sisters is known for its breathtaking scenic views, so it only makes sense that people flock here to get out and experience all Mother Nature has to offer. Here are some of the most popular activities for locals and visitors alike:

  • Hiking Black Butte Mountain: A popular local hike outside of Sisters, the Black Butte Trail is a moderate 4-mile round-trip hike with an elevation gain of 1,555 feet. With the summit at 6,436 feet, hikers can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding cascades.
  • Canyon Creek Meadows Loop Hike: This moderately difficult trail is a 7.5-mile loop with an elevation gain of 1,560 feet. The Canyon Creek Meadows Loop is considered family-friendly, making it a fairly popular trail. It offers hikers a varied hiking trail that leads through colorful meadows, picturesque waterfalls and several streams. Looking at Three Fingered Jack, this path is not to be missed.
  • Mountain Biking: One of the most popular activities in Sisters is mountain biking, and there are many local trails for beginners and experts alike, such as the Peterson Ridge Loop and the Suttle Lake Loops Trail.
  • Refresh yourself in a nearby lake: There are several lakes nearby where you can swim. The most popular are Suttle Lake and the popular local swimming hole, Scout Lake. Summer days can get hot here, and these lakes are a popular way to cool off!

There are so many exciting adventures to be had in Sisters where visitors can experience unforgettable moments every day.

Old West charm

Travelers visit Sisters, Oregon not only for the outdoor activities, but also for the unique charm that the residents have to offer. The people of Sisters aren’t just pleasant; They are extraordinarily friendly and seem to go out of their way to ensure you have the best day possible. There are no strangers at Sisters. Every person you meet becomes your friend. Every time you stop and ask for directions, you’ll be pointed in the right direction – plus a recommendation for the best fishing spot near town and the best restaurant to enjoy a beer afterwards. It’s easily one of the friendliest places in America, and a visit here means you never really leave it behind.

One of the most popular community activities here is the sisters’ annual rodeo. Held every year on the second weekend in June, this lively event brings out the cowboys and all those who enjoy the thrills of horses. Aptly nicknamed ‘the greatest little show on earth’, the Sisters Rodeo is a must-see, turning this tiny town into a three-day western party.

Of course, no visit to Sisters would be complete without witnessing the world-famous quilt show. The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is a celebration of this unique work of art when over 1,400 quilts are hung across the city for visitors to admire the beauty and joy of these remarkable works of art. This prestigious event, held every July, attracts thousands of visitors every year who enjoy the quilts, without competitions or juries, as it is simply an opportunity to appreciate a city that is characterized by so many styles and variants of colorful quilts.

For all the beauty that surrounds its location and the friendly charm of its people, visitors to Sisters, Oregon are sure to feel a sense of immediate belonging. Whether travelers come here for outdoor adventures or to catch the many prestigious events that take place here, every visitor is sure to be determined to get to know their neighbors a little better and with a little more optimism about the world we live in to get away .

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