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Venture Outdoors With Confidence – Tips On Preparing Equipment And Vehicles For Fall Hunting Season – Motor Sports NewsWire – Motor Sports Newswire | Gmx Pharm

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Hunting season is here and for avid hunters that means planning, gearing up and heading into the wild. Outdoor enthusiasts at Lucas Oil offer advice on essential preparations and products to make the most of the season.

INDIANAPOLISIN – 09/16/2022 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – It’s hunting season across the country, and while all states have different types of wildlife, regulations, and seasonal dates, all hunters should take the time to prepare their gear before heading out into the wild. Skipping this step can result in misfires, missed opportunities, frustration, and in extreme cases, leaving a hunter stuck in a dangerous situation. To avoid these problems, a little preparation and seasonal maintenance with the help of Lucas Oil products can help make gear more reliable, safer, and protected from harsh elements.

Be informed and obey all regulations

Whether you hunt for sport or foraging, it is important to follow all rules and regulations that vary by state or hunting area, such as: B. a national wildlife sanctuary. Legal hunting requires a hunting license, which can be purchased from most outdoor retailers that sell hunting and fishing equipment. Hunters, both new and experienced, should also know how markers and stamps work and what game species require markers with limited availability. Hunters can visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service website for more information on permits and appropriate registrations.

Gun Maintenance – Premium products to clean and lubricate shotguns and rifles

Cleaning and lubricating is an essential part of gun maintenance and should be a mandatory part of a hunter’s routine before and after each outing. A thorough cleaning and lubrication prevents the formation of carbon and rust to ensure that all components of a gun are working properly. There are several tools that should be part of every gun owner’s cleaning kit, starting with Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Cleaner. This is a high pressure, quick drying spray that is perfect for blasting away carbon deposits on a firing mechanism and is safe to use on metal surfaces and firearm grade polymers. After cleaning, owners should turn to Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil to give the gun extra protection from friction and rust. The specific blend of oils and lubricants provides excellent burn-off resistance and reduces wear in all shooting conditions, making cleaning faster and easier. It also neutralizes acids from fingerprints and resists drying out for long-term storage after the end of the hunting season.

Used and endorsed by major gun manufacturers, Lucas Extreme Duty CLP is a high performance formula trusted by professional shooters for its powerful additives that dissolve powder residue, grease and dirt. It cleans, protects and lubricates all types of firearms, minimizing repairs and breakdowns and providing long lasting protection from rust – all in one easy step.

Powersports Prep – Preparing ATVs and SXS for the trail

ATVs and SXSs are becoming more common in hunting camps. They are a perfect addition to an expedition, providing greater access to remote hunting areas and an easier way to transport gear. Before setting off, it is important to ensure that ATVs are inspected and all preventive maintenance is complete and vehicles are in ideal operating condition.

Examine the battery – A dead or dying battery can pose a serious threat and potentially strand a hunter far from camp. Visually inspect the battery for defects, loose or broken terminals, burned plastic, cracks, fluid leaks, or other obvious signs of damage. Check the battery voltage with a multimeter or voltmeter to determine if the battery is in good condition and can hold an adequate charge. Operating auxiliary lights and using a winch can further drain a battery, so make sure it has enough charge to run all components and start the engine quickly.

Check fluids up and oil level – Off-road vehicles experience some very harsh driving conditions and must have the right quality engine oil and lubrication to maintain peak performance. Hunters who venture off the beaten track and push their ATVs to the max need a high-performance, all-weather engine oil like Lucas Synthetic SxS Engine Oil. Specially designed for hard-working ATVs and SxSs engines, it will stand up to grueling conditions and heavy use. Derived from race-proven technology and specifically designed for 4-stroke engines, it is suitable for use in all major ATV brands and models. Lucas Synthetic SxS Engine Oil is trusted to provide exceptional lubrication, resist oxidation, improve cold weather fluidity and keep the engine clean and deposit free.

Transmission and differential oil are also important fluids to maintain in an ATV or side-by-side. Fresh gear oil helps lubricate internal components, preventing corrosion, reducing friction and ensuring dependable performance and longevity. To avoid shift slippage, owners should check the transmission fluid regularly, especially after submerging in water or mud, or driving through sand. Premium fluids like Lucas Oil offer a serious upgrade for all makes and models of hard-working, high-performance ATVs. Lucas SxS synthetic products provide superior wear protection for chains and gears, enriched with high-performance additives that keep them running cool, quietly and smoothly, and corrosion inhibitors that withstand heat and stress.

Pack an emergency kit – Hunters must be prepared for anything. Plan for unforeseen events with a well-stocked emergency kit bag based on terrain, temperature, environment and planned route. Equipment includes recovery tools for an ATV stuck in mud, harnesses, basic first aid kit, flashlight, knife, fire starter, tarp, extra set of warm clothing, GPS and map, tire repair like Lucas Tire Inflator and more , depending on the situation.

“The fall hunting season is an excellent time to venture outdoors. Whether it’s shooting, bowhunting or tracking, the key to a safe and fun outing is proper planning,” he said Morgan Luke, President of Lucas Oil. “Neglecting routine maintenance of critical equipment can cause problems on the trail, but few preventative measures are needed to avoid being stranded in the middle of the woods. We have a specific range of outdoor products designed with performance and reliability in mind. Through our partnerships with championship shooters and outdoor enthusiasts, we have worked hard to get our products just right – the perfect gear for a safe and enjoyable hunting season.”

Outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn more about Lucas Oil Outdoor and SxS products and how to use them during the hunting season should watch Lucas Oil on YouTube for more tips. Find these products and more at thousands of retailers, sporting goods, outdoor and powersports equipment stores, and also shop online. To find your nearest retailer, please visit the company’s store locator.

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