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4-7 August US Coast Guard as a Naval Event of National Importance

TWO HARBORS, MINNESOTA ~~~~~~ July 29, 2022 (LSNews) The City of Two Harbors and its many partners are proud to welcome the Festival of Sail Lake Superior Tall Ships events next week, August 4-7. Tall Ships Two Harbors 2022 has been designated a Marine Event of National Significance (MENS) by the United States Coast Guard. The MENS designation requires the implementation of several security measures to protect the attending public, event staff/volunteers, and visiting crews and vessels. Public safety planning for this event includes numerous law enforcement and emergency response agencies at the federal, state and local levels who have been working together over the past few months.

Join us for the Festival of Sail Lake Superior 2022 on the shores of the world’s largest lake. It’s a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of, board and even set sail on some of the greatest ships of the past. Draw Events brings tall ships to Two Harbors. The Festival of Sail Lake Superior 2022 offers cruises, day sailing, educational programs, food and drink, entertainment and fun for the whole family!

Waterside & Parade of Sail – Moving Safety Zone

A regulated security zone of 25 yards has been established around the docked Tall Ships. There is also a 100 yard movement safety zone for the duration of the Sailing Parade on Thursday, August 4th, which departs from Agate Bay at 11am. Pleasure craft or boats are not permitted in any of the security zones. The moving waterfront security zone is enforced by the United States Coast Guard. No ship may enter the security zone, and violators will be subject to fines and penalties as determined by the United States Coast Guard and its maritime partners. Only persons authorized by the Port of Duluth Captain or his Designated Agent are permitted access to the security zones. You can reach the responsible agency on VHF channel 16.

There will be Bravo Boats with yellow flags surrounding the Safe Zone to serve as an indication of where the Safe Zone begins. The following image is a representation of the moving 100 yard safe zone around the tall ships, with PSV representing the Bravo boats and PS representing law enforcement.

The Coast Guard and other waterfront law enforcement agencies present during the event are there to look after the safety of the public as well as the vessels and personnel involved in the event. We ask that spectators watching the Sail Parade from their boats do so from a safe distance and remember to have a life jacket and swim plan before heading out on the water. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Coast Guard and its Enforcement Division, you may contact the Marine Safety Unit Duluth at 218-522-0708 or the Duluth Station at 218-529-3100.


An information leaflet was mailed to all Two Harbors residents with information on parking, traffic, shuttle and bus routes, along with calls for help or a complaint, etc. that might appear during the festival and includes:

Police officers from the City of Two Harbors, along with law enforcement officers from other northeast Minnesota agencies, will be present in the community to ensure safety and respond to festival-related complaints and emergency calls. All criminal investigations and complaints will be investigated by THPD Police Officers. Please note that a law enforcement officer from another agency may be the first to respond and help those in need.


As always…if you have an emergency, dial 911! For non-emergencies, call (218) 834-5566 or (218) 834-8385. If you are a victim of a crime, want to report a crime, or need assistance, your call should be handled by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center.

Any Festival-related questions or inquiries should be directed to Tall Ships staff and organizers or visit the official website at

If you have a Festival-related complaint (parking, trespassing, etc.), your call may be routed to the Dispatch Center, who will handle all Festival-related service calls.


Lawful parking on streets and avenues in the City of Two Harbors will remain in place during the Festival of Sail Tall Ships Two Harbors 2022, August 4-7.

Additional “NO PARKING” signs will be posted throughout the city and the parking situation will vary by municipality. Parking is NOT permitted on a limited number of streets and avenues, some allow parking on one side only and others are NOT affected. Included in this post is a map showing what will happen to parking in the City of Two Ports. Parking is not allowed on these streets and avenues in RED during the festival.

Festival-goers are encouraged to use parking lots, currently all outside Two Harbors city limits, for event parking. The festival website also states: “Please do not plan to use street parking for the event”.

Temporary handicap parking has been set up near the Two Harbors Community Center for the festival dates.

Residents are reminded and encouraged to use off-street parking where available.


Residents should expect increased traffic in and around the community and allow for potential commuting delays. Alternative routes should be considered.

We ask people to slow down and pay attention to the signs. Additional signage will be used to direct festival-goers to parking lots, all of which are currently planned outside Two Harbors city limits.

There will be limited road closures on our streets and avenues, with most closures occurring along the Highway 61/7th Avenue corridor. This was done in conjunction with MNDOT officers to ensure safe traffic flow along the corridor. No one-way streets are planned.


A designated bus route has been set up from the car parks to the festival drop-off point. The bus route uses Highway 2 and various streets and avenues in the City of Two Ports.

A primary bus stop has been identified near the community center which will provide festival goers with a central location for access to the festival and our community.


Traffic lights along the Highway 61/7th Avenue corridor will function as normal. There will be NO flashing red lights or planned changes to their current operations.

A police officer will be stationed at four (4) of the traffic lights along the corridor and will monitor traffic patterns and congestion. These officers direct traffic as needed to keep traffic safe throughout the community.


The public water access at Agate Bay remains open to recreational boaters and has approximately 32 spots. Overflow parking spaces for motor vehicles and boat trailers are still being set up.


Entrance to the berths for the tall ships

Any person wishing to access the Tall Ships docks must have a paid ticket, authorized wristband or event-issued ID. Access will be denied if the individual does not have one of these access methods.

What you are allowed to bring

All personal items, purses and bags will be checked. Large backpacks are not allowed. Firearms, weapons of any kind, explosives or incendiary devices are not permitted.


Small coolers no larger than five (5) liters are permitted and may only be used to transport baby formula/food and prescribed medication. Baby food/food must be in plastic containers. Glass of any kind is not allowed.

Water, other liquids and food

Open or unsealed bottles or containers containing water or other liquids and any food are not allowed to pass through the access checkpoints. One factory-sealed bottle of liquid is allowed per guest.

“The Two Harbors Police Department is grateful for the networking and relationships established, nurtured or strengthened with so many different partner agencies during this process and would like to acknowledge all those who have helped, made suggestions and raised concerns” said Chief Hogenson. “The Two Harbors Police Department would like to thank residents and the business community for their support, questions and comments. We understand that not everyone may be happy with all of the regulations and results of our planning efforts, but understand that they were made in the best interests of the City of Two Ports. The festival and the planning involved has been a challenge for everyone involved, especially with our limited resources, but I am proud to have worked with each of our local stakeholders.”


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