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The TravelSpend app is our pick for this week. It’s still July as we review travel & vacation apps that would help you make your vacation plans as seamless as possible. To review the TraveSpend app, we will look at the app design and usability, the app’s unique offerings, pricing, user feedback, and finally, your verdict.

TravelSpend helps users keep track of their spending while traveling around the world. It is convenient for those who are planning their next trip or are already on vacation.

The TravelSpend was founded in 2018 by Ina Wortmann and Jonas Luthke. The app caters to all types of travellers, from solo travelers to backpackers, and is the perfect budgeting companion for digital nomads, travel groups or families on vacation.

According to the founders:

“Simplicity has always been our main concern when working on TravelSpend. Entering expenses is quick and easy. Currencies are automatically converted and all your spending data is visualized in clear charts. You can even sync and use the app with friends to share the cost.”

Design and usability of TravelSpend:

The design of the travel expenses app can best be described as simple. The app focuses more on functionality. The design color is a plain shade of red with white lettering.

The most exciting part of the design has to be the expense feature that comes with different colors for different expense. For example, when you click on the expense icon, the app will show different areas where you can track your expenses with different colors, e.g. B. the restaurant icon is green, transportation is orange, groceries are blue, general expenses are purple, and so many others.

This color separation of different expense categories is a nice touch and can make tracking your expenses a little more fun, although tracking money spent isn’t fun.

TravelSpend app

Considering the usability, the app is very straight to the point which makes it very easy to use. The spend tracker app focuses on its core function of helping you keep track of your spending and gets straight to the point.

The app is simple, the basic offers are out there on the display, just follow the signs and icons in the app and you’ll have it all figured out in no time.

The unique offer from TravelSpend

Below are some of the unique features that the app makes available to its users.

Track your expenses

TravelSpend helps users by tracking all the spending they make. By using the app, users stay conscious of their spending and see their spending habits and what they spend the most on so they know where to save so they can ultimately save more money.

This feature is easy to use and also works offline, so users can access it anywhere and anytime.

Expense picture in the TravelSpend app

Stick to your budget

The TravelSpend app promises to help users stay on budget. While keeping track of spending is realistic, I don’t see how an app can make users stick to their budget.

Well, aside from confiscating their cards or blocking their bank accounts, I don’t see how this can be done.

The app can encourage users to stick to the budget they set for themselves in the app by warning them when they go over the set budget, but that’s the best they can do. Instead of saying that users will be helped to stay within their budget, it would be correct to promise to warn users when they go over their budget.

Budget and track expenses in different currencies

The TravelSpend app allows users to budget and record expenses in different currencies. Users can add expenses in any currency and the app will automatically convert the amount to their home currency. This eliminates the need for currency calculations and conversions as the app does it easily for the user.

shared costs

The TravelSpend app can also be used by a group of friends or family to budget and share costs and expenses while traveling. The app allows users to create a group travel budget and track who owes whom. Share bills, pay off debts, check your balances and track expenses – all in the app.

Users can also invite friends and family to use the app to plan a budget along with the data syncing across platforms and available to everyone in the group.

Expense data visualized and transferrable

Users can visualize and chart their spending data to show users their spending patterns and habits.

If you are one of those people who, after spending money, wonder where the money went, you will love this app because it creates a visual chart of the user’s spending and shows what and where money was spent.

This expense data may also be used to generate an expense report, a feature useful for those who may be traveling on an official assignment sponsored by a third party and may need to submit an expense report. This data can be used to create an expense report in the app and the report can be transferred to a CSV file.

You can export your spend data on TravelSpend in CSV format…


Most of the products, features and tools available in the TravelSpend app are free with the exception of creating a CSV file which is only available for those on the paid premium plan which is N1,350 for a 1 month plan costs, N6,020 for a 1 year plan and N11,500 for a lifetime.

user feedback

A Google user

I am studying abroad and needed a simple app to track my expenses -- this app is perfect. At first, I used the free version and loved how quick it is to add each purchase. The statistics for the spending are incredibly helpful at the end of the month as well. I ended up purchasing the premium because I wanted the ability to track each month as a separate "trip" and the automatic save for currencies was much easier. There isn't much I would change about this app...I highly recommend!

A Google user

Really like the app but it has two issues I'd like to see fixed. One is the fact it doesn't allow you to backdate your expenses. If you want to log a dinner expense after midnight, for example, the app won't allow you to set it for the day before, which screws up your budget for the next day. The other issue is if you log something by mistake and then delete the record the app doesn't recalculate your budget for that day, which is annoying. Maybe it's a bug or something, not sure if this only happens to me. Thanks!


The TravelSpend app is a great budgeting and expense tracking tool that travelers will find most useful this holiday season.

While they may have over-promised in the area of ​​helping users stay on budget, it’s a very functional app with many features that can help you plan your budget and keep track of your spending while on vacation.

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