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The social media money expert shares her favorite travel tips that could help you save money and have more fun.

Important points

  • Tori Dunlap is a money expert, investor, feminist, social media influencer and entrepreneur who helps women make smart money moves.
  • She recently shared her favorite travel tips on an episode of her podcast. The financial feminist.
  • These include local shopping and flexibility in terms of your destination and accommodation.

Tori Dunlap is a money expert who has helped over three million women improve their financial situation. As the founder of Her First 100K, she shares helpful resources on her podcast, The financial feminist. In episode 28, Tori shared her favorite travel tips.

With the right hacks, you may be able to have a better vacation, save on travel expenses, and have a more authentic experience. Here are five travel tips from Tori Dunlap.

1. Don’t be picky about where you go

The first hack Tori shares is to be flexible when choosing a vacation destination. If you start planning with a goal in mind, you may find that the goal of your choice is outside of your budget.

They can do amazing travel deals if you’re not picky about where to go. Plus, you might be able to explore a target that wasn’t even on your radar.

I love this tip Tori shares. It’s one of my favorite ways to save money while traveling. I’ve already written about letting flight deals determine where I’m going next. One of my favorite cheap flight deals was when I snagged a $221 return ticket to Chile. When I saw this deal you better believe I was eager to explore Chile.

When people asked me why I was going to Chile, my answer was — why not?!

2. Consider alternative accommodation options

While hotels are a popular option, they’re not the only place to stay when traveling. Tori encourages travelers to consider alternative accommodation options such as Airbnbs and hostels.

If your accommodation isn’t the most important element of your trip, consider cheaper alternatives so you can expand your vacation budget.

You should prioritize your spending to spend more on spending that is more important to you. For example, if you enjoy eating local food when you travel, staying in a rented home could free up more of your budget to spend on dining expenses.

3. Use public transport

Another trick is to use public transport when it is available. Tori suggests doing this when it’s safe and you can move around the transit system with ease. In many cases, public transport will make your journey more convenient and save you money.

If you plan to use public transport while traveling, be aware of operating times, availability, and safety. Tori notes that if you’re planning on going out late, you might want to use other modes of transportation, like Uber.

4. Learn the basics of the local language

When traveling abroad, learning the basics of the local language can be beneficial. You don’t need to be fluent, but knowing basic phrases and being able to communicate at least a little is helpful. It’s respectful and you’ll find it easier to get help from local people if you need help.

5. Shop local and by your values

When traveling, remember that you are a guest. How and where you spend your money matters. You can make purchasing decisions that reflect your values ​​and help the local economy. Tori suggests that shopping locally and by your values ​​when traveling in new places can enhance your travel experience and make a difference.

The above tips can help you save money while traveling and make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

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