Why Rail is the Best Choice for Green Transit – Barron’s | Gmx Pharm

About the author: Adam Bonnifield is Chief Executive Officer at KONUX. Imagine a true green transit future, the kind we need to slow, halt and eventually reverse the looming impacts of climate change. In this utopian vision, people and goods move quickly and seamlessly through and between cities without burning the fossil fuels. You might … Read more

Cincinnati Public Schools Completes This Year’s Bus Plan – Spectrum News 1 | Gmx Pharm

CINCINNATI — Less than three weeks before classes begin, Cincinnati Public Schools finalized their student bus schedule for the coming year. what you need to know Cincinnati Public Schools have finalized their student bus plan for the coming year The biggest change is that CPS plans to use yellow buses to transport most bus-eligible seventh … Read more

From legroom to fare: How JetBlue’s acquisition of Spirit could transform air travel – CNBC | Gmx Pharm

Passengers wait at the Spirit Airlines check-in counter at Orlando International Airport. Paul Hennessy | flare | Getty Images Spirit Airlines caved in this week, agreeing to sell itself to JetBlue Airways for $3.8 billion, hours after a merger deal with Frontier Airlines was canceled that failed to garner enough shareholder support. The new deal … Read more

On World Oceans Day, 7 Tips for Planning a Guilt-Free Beach Vacation – MarketWatch | Gmx Pharm

Americans love the sea—but do they love it enough to work hard to save it, even if it means a more conscientious vacation? Beaches are the top recreational destination for US adults. According to Statista, 52% of respondents in a survey said that sand, waves, boardwalks and everything that goes with them are their preferred … Read more