A recession may be looming – how to prepare – Shondaland.com | Gmx Pharm

You can’t turn on the news these days without talking about a possible recession. Some experts say we’re already in one. Some say we might be able to avoid him. And others are unsure where we will end up. Hearing about inflation was stressful enough. Add a potential recession to the mix and it doesn’t … Read more

Inflation affects each of us differently. Your age, budget and spending priorities affect how you deal with rising prices. – Market observation | Gmx Pharm

It’s easy to think of inflation as the scourge of equal opportunity. But its effect varies from person to person. Your age, budget, and spending priorities affect how you experience inflation. While rising prices cause common difficulties, each of us spends money in our own way, and some types of products and services are rising … Read more

Airfares, hotel prices and rental car prices all fell in July. Here’s how you can get a good deal – CNBC | Gmx Pharm

Flux Factory | E+ | Getty Images Travelers saw prices drop for large chunks of their vacation budgets in July, offering at least a temporary respite from rising costs earlier this year. Airfares fell nearly 8% from June to July, while rental car prices and accommodations such as hotels fell 9.5% and about 3%, respectively, … Read more

US Inflation Slows From 40-Year High But Remains High – The Associated Press – en Español | Gmx Pharm

WASHINGTON (AP) — Falling prices for gasoline, airline tickets and clothing helped Americans get a little respite from the pain of high inflation over the past month, although overall price increases have slowed only slightly from a four-decade high that was achieved in June. Consumer prices rose 8.5% yoy in July, the government said on … Read more

Inflation jumps 8.5% in July, stoking fears of sharp rate hike – New York Post | Gmx Pharm

Inflation rose 8.5% in July, hovering at a four-decade high despite a fall in gasoline prices and increasing pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut essentials prices. The July reading of the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, a closely watched measure of the cost of goods and services, marked a slight decline from the previous … Read more

How to plan that long-awaited summer vacation – The Globe and Mail | Gmx Pharm

In addition to finding out how much a vacation will cost, customers also need to consider travel insurance coverage and additional funds for unexpected costs related to flight cancellations, such as hotel expenses, extra clothing, or necessities.CandyRetriever/iStockPhoto/Getty Images Are you a professional financial advisor? Register for Globe consultant and then sign up for the new … Read more

The stock market seems to be recovering. Here’s why you shouldn’t be fooled – Toronto Star | Gmx Pharm

The stock market is experiencing a bear market rally. And of course you know it well enough to stay away from it. As of this writing, the S&P/TSX Composite Index is up more than 7 percent from its recent low, a huge rise in just a few weeks. The S&P 500 index has gained more … Read more

Here’s how much inflation is costing your household – and what to do – TheStreet | Gmx Pharm

Are you wondering how much inflation is currently putting a strain on your budget? It’s a nice round number: $460 a month in additional spending by US households, say economists at Moody’s Analytics. The figure comes from Moody’s Senior Economist Ryan Sweet, who compared US goods and services prices in May 2022 to similar prices … Read more

Bank of England bets biggest rate hike in 27 years as inflation soars – CNBC | Gmx Pharm

LONDON – FEBRUARY 03: Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey leaves after a press conference at the Bank of England on February 3, 2022 in London, England. The bank is expected to hike interest rates for a fifth consecutive day on Thursday but faces a difficult balancing act between supporting growth and curbing inflation. Dan … Read more

Here’s what the Federal Reserve’s consecutive 75 basis point rate hikes mean for you – CNBC | Gmx Pharm

What the Federal Funds Rate means to you The Federal Funds Rate, set by the US Federal Reserve, is the rate at which banks lend and borrow money from each other overnight. While that’s not the rate consumers are paying, the Fed’s moves are still impacting the lending and savings rates they see every day. … Read more