Retreat to Hawaii if you want a ‘dream life by the beach,’ says millionaire — but beware of these 3 biggest drawbacks – CNBC | Gmx Pharm

2012, at the age of 34, I quit my investment banking job and retired early with a net worth of $3 million. I currently live in San Francisco with my wife and two young children. But since 1977 I’ve been traveling back and forth regularly to Hawaii, where my parents have retired for 15 years. … Read more

5 crucial tips for surviving The Sims 4 High School Years – Kotaku Expansion Pack | Gmx Pharm

picture: EA Sim’s 4 recently released high school years expansion pack, the first expansion pack since 2021. But navigating the DLC can be as confusing as the first-year classroom. In this scenario, you need advice from a worldly senior, which I am. But first some context: the release of the expansion pack coincided with a … Read more

GISD cuts budget after funding gap | News | – Gatesville Messenger and Star | Gmx Pharm

In response to a budget shortfall, Gatesville Independent School District leaders have made significant budget cuts that will reduce district spending by $1.7 million. “It’s a sad picture, and we’ve made some pretty big cuts,” said Darrell Frazier, the district’s chief financial officer. He noted that $674,000 of the cuts were made in the district’s … Read more

Cincinnati Public Schools Completes This Year’s Bus Plan – Spectrum News 1 | Gmx Pharm

CINCINNATI — Less than three weeks before classes begin, Cincinnati Public Schools finalized their student bus schedule for the coming year. what you need to know Cincinnati Public Schools have finalized their student bus plan for the coming year The biggest change is that CPS plans to use yellow buses to transport most bus-eligible seventh … Read more