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Fall craft fairs can be part of the staycation scene. Elaine Sinclair prepares several baskets for various events here. Shannon Bennett Campbell Water’s inter-mountain photos dominate much of this view of Stonewall Jackson State Park, instilling a sense of calm. Kids enjoy early morning kayaking on one of Stonewall Jackson State … Read more

Outdoor commentary: Wardent puts people first in his job – La Crosse Tribune | Gmx Pharm

Whether he’s patrolling the Main Channel of the Mississippi, strolling through the lily pad-strewn swamps of Lake Onalaska, or scaling the sheer, densely forested bluffs that line a coulee, Dale Hochhausen always has one very important thing in mind – his ability to communicate, educate, and explain what he is doing and why. For a … Read more

A tight-knit village works to save its beloved Curtis Pond – seven days | Gmx Pharm

click to enlarge Jeb Wallace Brodeur Don and Bev Heise at Curtis Pond Dam Curtis Pond swarmed with swimmers on an unseasonably hot day last week. Teenagers sunbathe on a public dock in front of a sandy … Read more