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Synopsis of the stowaway

In the thriller Stowaway, Ruby Rose plays Bella Denton, a young woman who inherits a boat from her father. Being afraid of water, Bella isn’t too keen on her inheritance. But when she discovers that the boat is actually a luxury yacht with a jacuzzi, she is much more enthusiastic about the sailing ship her father left her.

Shortly after boarding the boat with the handsome Michael (Patrick Schwarzenegger) for some hoopla, their good time is interrupted by a group of criminals who put their lives at risk.

Will Bella get off the boat alive? Or does she end up sleeping with the fishes? Let’s take a closer look at the film.

Why is Bella afraid of water?

During the film’s opening, we see a flashback of Bella as a young girl with her father. Her trip to the beach takes an almost tragic turn when Bella nearly drowns in the ocean, and that’s why Bella is afraid of the water. Presumably her near-death experience also gave her the perfect excuse to get out of bath time, but that’s just speculation.

How did Bella’s father die?

According to Ed Meeser (Frank Grillo), the man who informs Bella of her father’s death, he drowned. However, Ed only tells half the truth. It appears that Arthur Denton, Bella’s father, died at the hands of others, but we don’t find out who until later in the film.

Who is joining Bella on the yacht?

After meeting Ed, her father’s supposed best friend and business partner, he introduces her to Captain Lawson (Luis Da Silva Jr.), the man who will pilot the yacht if she ever decides to take it on the water.

Before she can stay on the boat, she has to sign the papers. This is supposed to happen the next day, but former party girl Bella sneaks onto the ship the night before with Michael, a young man she picks up at a bar. They enjoy their night together and later fall asleep, unaware that Captain Lawson and two mercenaries (Jim and Sunshine) have meanwhile snuck onto the yacht after taking out the harbor guard.

Jim and Sunshine want to break into the safe that is in the yacht. They believe the safe contains $80 million and are understandably interested in getting the money back as soon as possible.

While they set about opening the safe, Lawson puts the yacht on the water so the theft won’t be discovered.

Will the men find Bella and Michael?

Realizing the boat has been attacked, Michael urges Bella to jump in the water to escape. She refuses due to her fear of water, so Michael decides to swim ashore and get help. Luckily the boat hasn’t moved much at this point so Michael doesn’t have to swim miles, but before he makes it back to shore, Jim and Sunshine open fire on the guy, presumably killing him.

Bella is now stuck on the yacht and the men realize that she is hiding somewhere on board. They search both the lower and upper decks and for some reason open a fridge to see if she’s in there but can’t find her.

Jim and Sunshine return to the safe while Bella considers her next move. She tries to call for help on her phone, but surprisingly the battery dies. When she finds a way to charge it, Bella can’t connect, so she goes to Engineering to call on the radio for help.

Does help arrive?

Bella manages to talk to the Coast Guard, but before she has time to finish her conversation, she is interrupted by Sunshine (we don’t know why he’s called that, as his disposition is anything but sunny).

She escapes up a ladder before he can find her and then encounters Captain Lawson. Not really a bad man, he gives her the location of a dinghy and later tells Sunshine that he didn’t see the “stowaway”.

As the men continue their search for her, Bella finds a hiding place with an automatically closing hatch. While she’s in here, the Coast Guard is coming to search the boat. Bella wants to ask her for help but is now trapped in her hiding place. By the time she disembarks, the Coast Guard has left to do another job elsewhere, and Bella is once again left alone on the yacht with the men who intend to kill her.

Does Bella escape from the yacht?

Thanks to Captain Lawson, Bella is given the opportunity to escape. She asks him why he would help her.

Lawson tells Bella he’s helping her because of her father. Apparently her father did a lot to help him and his family, so he feels it is his duty to help Bella.

He sets up a raft for the two to escape, but before they get off the yacht, Bella gets into a fight with Sunshine. “I won’t hurt you,” he tells her before immediately going about his word, but Bella is a worthy match.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asks her, to which Bella replies, “Cell Block H.” We’re assuming this refers to the prison she was held in for auto theft when she was younger, and not on the popular Australian television show Prisoner Cell Block H which probably wasn’t her favorite show when she was a teenager!

Sunshine overpowers Bella, but before he can kill her, Lawson comes and shoots him.

Bella and Lawson then escape on the raft, narrowly escaping being shot by Jim, who was alerted to their escape after hearing Lawson kill Sunshine.

On the raft, Bella learns more about her father from Lawson. She discovers that he was the leader of a group of mercenaries who killed a warlord. Then they stole the warlord’s money, but her father gave the money to people who had to save it.

Jim and Sunshine received orders from a mysterious third party to get the rest of the money off the yacht. Lawson agreed to help because he needed the money for his family.

Unfortunately, after opening the safe, the crooks only found half of a locket – Bella was wearing the other half – and no money.

So Bella makes it back to shore, right?

Yes, but not without finding out the identity of the man who ordered Jim and Sunshine to get the money. On the raft, she sees another boat in the distance and realizes it’s Ed. She thinks he’s her ticket back to shore, but it turns out he’s the man who ordered the yacht break-in.

Ed kills Lawson, knocks Bella unconscious, and then takes her back to the yacht.

When Bella regains consciousness, Ed tells Bella that her father “stole” his money! The mercenary then tells her that he killed her father as revenge for taking the money.

He wants to know where the money is and Bella tells him to look at the numbers on the back page of a notebook she found earlier. The last number is zero and she tells Ed that means her father gave away all the money.

Jim is upset with Ed for the botched mission, so Ed kills him.

Bella runs and Ed follows her. He finds her on the deck about to jump into the water. He doesn’t think she’s going to jump since he knows she’s afraid of water, but she jumps anyway.

Ed is understandably annoyed and even more upset when he realizes that Bella wired the C4 he was planning to use to blow up the yacht. As Bella dives into the depths of the ocean, the yacht explodes, killing Ed.

In the water, Bella has a flashback to her childhood when her father saved her from drowning.

Before she nearly drowns a second time, the Coast Guard arrives. Luckily for Bella, Michael survived the shooting and at the hospital brought her predicament to the attention of the Coast Guard.

Bella is rescued and returns to shore, but her story doesn’t end there.

what happens to bella

Bella gets $10.2 million in insurance money after her yacht is wrecked. She passes most of this on to Lawson’s family, who are delighted to receive it and the message she gives them, saying, “Thanks to your husband, I’m alive.”

She didn’t give away all the money — “I’m not an idiot,” we hear her say in the film’s closing moments as she drives far away with Michael, presumably to have more adventures with the man she seems to be falling in love with in.

But where will their adventures take them? Probably a place far from the ocean that we imagine!

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