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SSL Gold Cup goes live on Twitch and virtually with the e-SSL Gold Cup

by SSL Gold Cup Jul 9 2:17 AM PDT

SSL Gold Cup goes live on Twitch and virtually with the e-SSL Gold Cup © SSL Gold Cup

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The SSL Gold Cup, the Soccer World Cup… in Sailing, will now be available on Twitch from Tuesday 12th July, making it one of the first sailing events to feature on the fastest growing live broadcast and gaming platform is present.

So far, the SSL Gold Cup has been streamed live on YouTube and Facebook and linked to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

The fifth and final round of the SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series will take place from July 14th to 17th in Lake Neuchâtel, Grandson (Switzerland). The final series will be programmed in Bahrain from October 29th to November 20th.

Although sailing is said to be a sport where no audience cheers for their country’s representatives, the SSL strives to give spectators that opportunity. That’s why the media team is constantly working to collect footage and broadcast the event from the start. The SSL Gold Cup offers viewers from around the world live tracking and multiple camera footage, as well as commentary throughout the races, which not only makes watching enjoyable and interesting, but also serves the educational purpose of promoting sailing.

As for the comments, the SSL Communication Team wants to explain clearly what is going on in the sailing area and try to interpret numerous maneuvers logically so that even inexperienced sailors can follow the regattas. To make everything clear and understandable, 3D simulations with the live measurements and current results are shown on the screen from time to time.

Twitch ranks fourth (after Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as the most used social media platform among video gamers in the US. This gives SSL the opportunity to launch two e-game versions of the competition: the e-SSL Gold Cup and the e-SSL Team Race League.

Some SSL Gold Cup numbers

  • 32 countries are participating in the first edition of the SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series
  • 40 countries are participating in the SSL Gold Cup Final Series in Bahrain from October 29 to November 20, 2022
  • 60 days of competition
  • 1,500 participants

Some numbers on Twitch

  • Twitch currently has 140 million unique visitors every month. That’s an increase from 55 million users in 2015
  • 107,800 live twitch broadcasts are running at any given time. The US has the largest share of Twitch viewers. It is home to almost a quarter of all users
  • 65% of Twitch users are men
  • 73% of Twitch users are under 35 years old
  • The Twitch app has been downloaded over 100 million times
  • Every month, 7.4 million streamers publish content on Twitch
  • The total number of active Twitch streamers is 9.2 million
  • Over 1.14 trillion minutes of video has been watched on Twitch so far – around 1.86 billion hours per month
  • Twitch receives more than 2.3 billion hours of video views during its peak months

SSL X Play E-sailing

The company “Play eSailing” creates a completely new sailing experience all year round. We challenge sailors to compete with their nations even in the off-season. With our growing community and audience of Sailing & e-Sailing, we make the world of sailing accessible and fun for everyone.

With SSL’s & Play eSailing virtual collaboration, we bring the new generation of sailing games to sailors, sailing fans and gamers worldwide. The goal is to create an online sailing universe where people can challenge each other with the strategic mind game of sailing and racing different boat classes. Making sailing easy to understand, meeting top sailors and sailors and most importantly having fun with friends is the key to our success. That’s why we developed eSSL, which can be played on multiple devices. eSSL is the future league structure in eSailing where nations, eSport organizations, sailors and players meet in prestigious and high profile competitions.

e-SSL Gold Cup: the virtual SSL Gold Cup

The Virtual World Cup was invented for nations with a top sailor as their team captain. SSL strives to achieve the competition where sailing meets eSailing, under the rules and conditions of the virtual world.

A captain with four team members will represent their nation and compete to qualify for the Grand Finals and e-SSL Gold Cup title in December 2022. Team selection is very unique here, as SSL selected four team members from the global rankings among e- Sailors and Sailors.

Three races with four nations per race. According to the SSL Gold Cup scoring system: 1st – 8 points, 2nd – 7 points, 3rd – 6 points

e-SSL Team Race League: a virtual sailing league all year round

E-Sport meets Sailing and invites sailors, sailing fans and players worldwide to a competition where everyone fights for their team or e-sports organization. A competition that follows the classic eSports structures and forms teams in the online universe across borders.

Five players per. Mixed nationality team will fight for victory. Both competitions will have a LIVE final where the trams will meet face to face.

Who are ‘Play eSailing’?

Play eSailing is the new generation of a sailing game that bridges real sailing and virtual sailing. A sailing game where novices meet Olympic sailors in a race where tactics, strategy and real boat stats are the key elements.

Play eSailing was created intuitively so that children and non-sailors can understand and learn the basic mechanics of the game. Still, the game is ready for high-level obstacles that challenge hobby sailors, sailing fans, and Olympic sailors alike as they compete on different boat classes or compete for victory in one of the many competitions.

3D locations from real cities create the feeling of racing in famous locations around the world. The game has very complex rules and an advanced wind machine programmed to generate wind pressure shifts across the entire venue. The wind zones work dynamically, making the wind forecast and a realistic feel, which may seem difficult even for the top sailor.

Different boat classes are programmed together with sailors, trainers and manufacturers to make the boat mechanics as realistic as possible by following real measurements and tracking from polar diagrams and the feeling of the top sailor. We invite you to participate in prestigious tournaments and participate in historical sailing events in the virtual world. Who knows, you might become the new virtual champion in eSailing!

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