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Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7 finally lets players command their own ships, introduces outposts to newcomers, and continues the storyline from last season.

Sea of ​​Thieves The latest season has landed, bringing the standard seasonal content and an update with exciting new changes. The lighthearted multiplayer pirate adventure game from Rare and Microsoft Studios introduced a seasonal model back in early 2021 and is now entering its seventh season. Seasons have helped keep the game moving by providing dedicated players with regular content updates and more reliable expectations, while also attracting new players with compelling features. Overall, the game feels a lot more alive than it did in the first few years after its release, and it just keeps getting better as time goes on.


Previous seasons added limited-time events, narrative adventures, and a shipload of challenges, cosmetic items, and additions to the game’s map. Challenging locations and new types of treasure have created new ways to play and given old ones a twist. Now despite Sea of ​​Thieves‘ Season 7’s delayed launch, it’s finally here, and it looks like it’s going to bring all this and more. Players have a lot to look forward to, including features that allow them to live out their pirate captain fantasies.

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Beginning in Season 7, players will be able to command their own ships, bringing greater control and customization to their swashbuckling adventures. New progression systems reward specialized playstyles, and outpost newcomers serve as a focal point to make a captain’s life easier. And, of course, a new limited-time adventure is on the horizon. Sea of ​​Thieves has a lot to offer players in the coming months.

Season Seven & Captaincy bring changes to Sea of ​​Thieves

A pirate ship sets sail in Sea of ​​Thieves

The biggest change in this update is a number of systems around the captaincy. Now players can finally buy their own ships, give them names and make cosmetic changes between sessions. To do this, captains must speak to a shipwright newly introduced to Outposts. With their help, players can use their unlocked ones Sea of ​​Thieves Ship cosmetics to personalize their ships to reflect their special style, past adventures or fearsome reputation – and everything will remain exactly as intended the next time they set sail. Shipwrights are also used to repair damage to ships when returning to outposts, and can deliver premium supplies into a captain ship’s barrels.

This update also brings a new progression system. Ship and Commander Milestones provide paths to specialization in various aspects of the game, such as treasure hunting, combat, and fishing. These milestones give players even more control over their experience and encourage specific activities with unique rewards. Outposts get another visitor – Sovereigns. They provide an incredibly convenient place to unload almost any treasure and use various services.

Of course, Season 7 also introduces more anticipated content. A new Plunder Pass full of cosmetics unlockable through Renown is available, and the Pirate Trade Center also has new items on offer. adventure in Sea of ​​Thieves are a more recent addition and the next titled A Hunter’s Scream, will be available later in the season. According to Rare (via the Xbox website), this adventure is “sends pirates on a risky rescue mission into enemy waters‘ to rescue the captured hunter Merrick, known to players from Stephen’s Spoils and previous adventures. More details aren’t available yet, but based on last season’s storyline, the rescue in question likely involves them venturing into the Sea of ​​the Damned to bring Merrick back from the clutches of the Dark Brethren. Players can expect to learn more on August 18 when the adventure begins. Overall, it seems that Season 7 brought significant changes to the game while continuing to push what works. Continuing an ongoing narrative is a fantastic improvement on Sea of ​​Thieves‘ Elder storytelling and the ability to command ships lets players create their own stories.

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