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Sea of ​​Thieves is a PVP and PVE open world live service pirate adventure game where players can be attacked by both surrounding enemies and other human players at the same time. For beginners, PvP might feel challenging, especially when sailing solo or against experienced players who have been playing the game since its inception in 2018.

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The difficulty level for solo players remains tough even in PVE situations, but even more so when you factor in PVP. Whether newbie or pirate legend, in Sea of ​​Thieves It’s never too late to learn PVP tips and tricks to better navigate the seas or revise gameplay strategies in this evolving game.

10 Suspicious mermaid activity

Whether exploring an island or on the high seas, it’s always best to keep an eye out for mermaids who seem out of place and question their presence. If players lose their ship or fall off their ship and swim far enough away, a fast travel mermaid will appear from the water depths to allow players to safely return to the ship.

However, it’s also an indication that another player might be nearby, so staying alert is important. Check that the ship is safe and use the binoculars to keep an eye out for insidious floating pirates attacking from the water.

9 Watch The Ladders

If other player ships give chase, it’s also important to keep an eye on the ladders on either side of the ship to try to avoid a surprise boarding party. For solo players, this often means multitasking, but players in larger crews can split roles between sailing and surveillance as needed.

On the other hand, attackers can use ladders to carefully sneak aboard and find a hiding place until they are ready to pounce. However, players can still jump on the ship or cannon themselves, so be prepared for each spawn point.

8th barrel hideouts

Be sure to check all the barrels on the ship for player stashes by stabbing them with your sword. The Barrel Disguise Emote gives players ample opportunity to hide aboard other player ships, so it’s worth checking for suspicious Barrel behavior.

The same goes for chests with the Hide Chest emote. Although it doesn’t close completely, this emote can allow cleverly placed pirates to hide among treasure. Barrel hiding is also a fun way to board player ships while watching players feverishly search for intruders.

7 Store explosive barrels carefully

Be careful when storing explosive barrels on the ship, as other players can hit them from afar with devastating effects. Some players store them in the Crow’s Nest to sell later, but this can leave the Mast vulnerable.

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Even for those pirates who like to live dangerously, a safer option is to store explosives out of sight on the lowest deck, either at the aft or forward end of the ship. Boarding players can still destroy them, so it’s worth thinking twice about collecting them at all.

6 Protect the mast and master the chain shot

Players with masterful chain shot accuracy can make ship PvP combat a breeze. A fallen mast is the perfect distraction and the perfect moment to overwhelm a player’s ship by boarding it or shelling it with more cannon fire while keeping the ship on the ground.

If this happens to a defending player, it’s best to have the ship repaired and its sails restored as soon as possible. It’s also important to keep your distance from the attacks while remaining vigilant against repeated, catastrophic mast attacks. Learning to defend against chain shot attacks is valuable, and even better mastering it.

5 melee

In PVP combat, it’s best to keep moving as much as possible, be it running, jumping, or zigzagging. Hold the attack button to make a quick sword thrust to take down another player with a few sword slashes before they even have time to blink.

Some players who are knowledgeable about PVP also change their position from upper decks to lower decks to confuse and disorient other players. It’s important to have plenty of supplies like fruit and throwables on hand to replenish health and vary attacks. The blunderbuss and sword can also be an effective weapon combo.

4 Surprise and speed – The 180 degree ship turn

Nothing feels cooler than performing the ship’s classic 180-degree turn maneuver to escape pursuing players. To do this, turn the steering wheel fully left or right, then drop the anchor so the ship’s momentum swings it 180 degrees. Players can also use the harpoon to hook onto a rock or island to help the ship keep turning.

It is also useful to note the wind direction to get maximum speed and distance. This move can also put the ship in a cannon fire position and surprise other players Pirates of the Caribbean Style.

3 Use the environment

For players not in the mood for PVP, another way to escape player ship pursuit is to gain some distance and sail directly into environmental hazards like storms.

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When the storm is over, players can change direction or hide behind an island and wait to see where the enemy ship is going. For this to possibly work, all lanterns on the ship should be turned off to reduce visibility. Players up for the challenge can also sail into storms for an epic PVP battle, where lightning and busted hulls up the ante.

2 sacrificial bowl

If things go wrong and PVP proves to be too much, there is always the option to sink the ship so players can progress and continue with the objectives without interruption. This can also be a surprise tactic to catch enemy players off guard.

A disadvantage of sinking is that players lose their collected loot in the waters. However, players can return and recover it if they are quick enough before it sinks to the depths of the ocean, provided the ship’s respawn point is not too far from its original location. Sometimes it’s best to wave goodbye to the ship and start over.

1 Form alliances with caution

It’s important to remember that not all other players are out to get each other, and many enjoy teaming up with others. However, it’s always best to be cautious when encountering other pirates. Some will attack immediately, while others will try to lure players in with the pledge of friendship with the alliance flag or using in-game communication features.

Use emotes to quickly wave and see how other players react to see if they’re friendly. There are many pirates out there just sailing the seas and minding their own business, but any alliance should be approached with caution. When an alliance fails, it’s always a fun way to light up the other player’s hearth or hide a Chest of Sorrows aboard their ship for fiery or watery vendettas.

Sea of ​​Thieves is playable on PC and Xbox and is free to play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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