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You only have to talk to me for 10 minutes to find out that I’m a giant Movie gal. I love the movies themselves – getting lost in storylines, falling in love with them characters, feel inspired to go on adventures – but I also love the cinematic experience. Snuggling up with my closest friends, munching on popcorn and mini M&Ms (my tried-and-true combo), and just being together is one of my favorite things to do in a summer movie night.

Even as those summer days drift by (it wouldn’t be a summer movie story without one Fat reference), it’s never too late to make the most of the warm weather. Read on for those Popcorn RecipesDIYs and movie night essentials you need to throw around the best outdoor movie extravaganza.


Make seat cushions yourself

Provide some comfortable seating options with these cute and comfy DIY pillows. The fabric is entirely up to you, so you can choose colors to match the movie or even use themed patterns. (above Brit+Co)

\u200bDIY outdoor cushions

Image via A Beautiful Mess

DIY outdoor cushions

Make some long pillows that are perfect for lying on. These require a little more elbow grease than the smaller pads used to, but they’re definitely worth it. We recommend making enough to create a large palette for all of your guests to snuggle up on. (above A wonderful mess)

Handknit the cosiest hygge blanket

When the sun goes down and the weather gets a little cooler, there’s nothing I love more than snuggling up under a blanket. You can knit this DIY blanket for your next movie night, and the great thing is that since you make it, it can be as big as you want! (above Brit+Co)

Snack + drinks

Crazy popcorn

Crazy popcorn

A hilarious movie night calls for more than just butter on your popcorn. Make savory flavors like salt and vinegar or indulge in candy with caramel cookies, peanut butter fudge and Caribbean coconut. We’ll take one of each, please. (above Brit+Co)

Caramel Cookie Popcorn

  1. Air Pop enough popcorn for you and your friends
  2. Drizzle a good amount of caramel sauce and chocolate chip cookie crumbs on top
  3. Stir until the sauce is evenly distributed
  4. Pour the popcorn flat onto a sheet of parchment paper to prevent the popcorn from clumping and wait for it to dry
  5. Enjoy!
Triscuit + Fried Ahi + Spring Onions + Mustard Soy Sauce Bites

Triscuit + Fried Ahi + Spring Onions + Mustard Soy Sauce Bites

If you’re having a girls’ movie night (we’re talking chick movies, wine, and fancy snacks), swap the popcorn for these tasty bites. Or just enjoy both. The combination of fish, scallions, and mustard soy sauce is enough to ensure there are no leftovers. (above Brit+Co)

Charcuterie Cones movie night outdoors

sausage bags

The great thing about these waffles is that they’re like their own little box of snacks — you don’t have to worry about someone missing out on food or spreading germs. Plus, you can customize them if someone has any dietary restrictions (omit the meat or substitute non-dairy cheese for the brie), making them the *perfect* party food. (above Brit+Co)

Outdoor bluetooth speaker with light

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with Light ($100 for two)

These babies are versatile and very helpful. Because they’re both lights and speakers, you can hook them up to the movie for extra volume, or play music beforehand.

Brightech Ambience Pro outdoor string lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights ($58 was $67)

I’m always a fan of adding outdoor lighting to any scenario, and outdoor movie nights are no exception. You can hang these babies from the branches, weave them through your snack table, or wrap them around your porch railing.

signs + posters

\u200bSummer Movie Must-Have Poster

Image via Studio DIY

Summer Movie Musts

If you plan on hosting multiple movie nights throughout the summer, create a comprehensive (and colorful) reference for everything on your list. Not only will it look super cute during your movie night, but it will look just as good framed on your wall after the summer. (above Studio DIY)

DIY Letter Board Outdoor Movie Night

DIY letter board

Make these letter boards to display your favorite quote, dynamic duo, or catchphrase from the movie. This DIY is in a star shape, but since you’re cutting the cardboard yourself, you can make it into any shape that suits your movie. (above Brit+Co)

Pretty in Pink Movie Poster

Pretty in Pink Minimalist Movie Poster ($25)

If you want to make your evening feel like you’re at a real movie theater, hang a poster or two near the snack table. You can snag minimalist posters from Etsy and even order some miniature versions to serve as party favors.

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