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2022 Open Finn European Masters at Club Nàutic Hospitalet-Vandellòs – Day 3 – Sail World | Gmx Pharm

Open Finn European Masters 2022 at Club Nàutic Hospitalet-Vandellòs – Day 3

by Robert Deaves Sep 16 12:51 PM PDT
13-17 Sep 2022

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Italy’s Giacomo Giovanelli has managed the seemingly impossible, winning both races on day three of the Open Finn European Masters 2022 at Club Nàutic Hospitalet-Vandellòs in Hospitalet de l’Infant, Spain. However, Spain’s Miguel Fernandez Vasco again extended his lead at the front to three points, ahead of France’s Laurent Hay, while Giovanelli moved up to third place.

After a morning thunderstorm offshore, the offshore wind was not as strong as expected and died down as soon as the fleet arrived on course. An hour later a sea breeze had built up and two more races were sailed.

The day belonged to Giovanelli, who led virtually every make and claimed two crucial race wins to move him to third overall. In the first race he had the course to himself, sailing away from the fleet and celebrating a big win from Filipe Silva of Portugal and Christoph Burger of Switzerland. Some of the leading boats were buried on the first shot, but Fernandez managed to break out of the 30s to cross in ninth place, while Hay couldn’t quite find the lanes and crossed in 18th place.

In race two, a crowded pin-end start faltered some boats while Hay got off to a good start. However, Giovanelli emerged in better form from the right to lead upwind. He was challenged in the final headwind by fellow Italian Matteo Iovenitti, who took the lead midway through the leg but then incurred a jury penalty to give Giovanelli his second shot of the day and his third of the week. Iovenitti crossed second place with Frenchman Florian Faucheux in third place.

Burger is sixth overall. He said: “The forecast predicted quite a strong north wind, also called ‘Tramontana’ or ‘Mistral’, but that didn’t really happen to begin with.

“We started the first race at a marginal 5 knots, I would say. I got a great start, I got the first real shift and I managed to get third from there so one was really good.

“During the second race the wind picked up a bit but not quite fast enough to fully migrate. Another one of those pretty difficult starts and first shots. The left paid off so I really wanted to go there and I managed to stay in the top 10 all the way. Then I had a few little hiccups, but I guess nobody really goes without a few hiccups these days, it’s just about having a few less.

About the event: “I think the Spanish club and the Finn class did a great job putting the event together. We’re still finding our way past the Olympics so I think that’s going to be the future of the events, Juniors and Masters together, which isn’t really a problem. We’re having a great time here, we’re being taken care of, the weather is great and it’s a good time of year for most of us to attend these events, so hopefully we can do a few more in the future.”

Sinan Sumer from Turkey is sailing his first Finn event since 1997. He was also here at the Junior Europeans in 1996 and remembers it well.

“I sailed in the Finn class until 1997, then I stopped sailing for a while. In 1996 I came to Hospitalet de L’Infant for the European Junior Championships and now, after 26 years, this is my first event, after a very long time. The Finn class is always on my mind, in my blood and now I find the opportunity to return to these events a number of times and I am very happy to be back after such a long time.

“I had the chance to train for two months before I came here, so it’s like riding a bike, you know, but the muscles weep a bit. But it’s such a good feeling to be sailing alone, feeling the boat and the The conditions here are very nice and the wind isn’t that strong, so for me it’s a very good place to start sailing again and it’s going better than i expected.

“It’s really nice to be sailing with these guys after such a long time, I raced against Paul Mckenzie a long time ago. I’ve known him for a long time. To be honest I haven’t met the rest of the guys but Finnish sailors are always nice. Everyone sails hard, trains hard, but on the water everyone is so fair and we all help each other. It’s so nice to be here.”

With one day and two races left in this championship, it’s still wide open at the top. Both Fernandez and Hay had tricky days, with the Spaniard showing great form recovering from poor first shots. Despite only three points separating them, Fernandez has the upper hand, although in the challenging Hospitalet de l’Infant winds it’s not over until it’s over with a couple of boats close enough behind to catch them if they have enough hiccups.

The championship ends on Saturday with a possible two races remaining. The time of the first warming signal was brought forward two hours to 10:00 to offer the best change of sailing both races.

Event website:

Results after 6 races: (See full results)

1 ESP 161 Miguel FERNANDEZ VASCO 12 points
2 FRA 75 Laurent HAY 15 points
3 ITA 202 Giacomo GIOVANELLI 24 pts
4 FRA 96 Florian FAUCHEUX 37 pts
5 NED 29 Bas DE WAAL 37 points
6 SUI 7 Christoph BURGER 38 pts
7 POR 21 Filipe SILVA 41 points
8 FRA 61 David HUET 41 points
9 ITA 1071 Matteo IOVENITTI 53 points
10 ESP 7 David TEROL ALBALADEJO 55 points

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