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ST. GEORGE – Jordan Davis usually sings about buying dirt, but on Wednesday he could have sung about buying mud instead.

Radio contest winners L to R: Kaylee Whitehead and Kauren Campbell have a ladies night out leaving their husbands house, July 27, 2022, | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St George News

Hundreds gathered at the Staheli Family Farm on Washington Fields Road in Washington, Utah to enjoy the music of the 2019 Billboard Music New Country Artist of the Year.

The fans were in the best of moods and dressed up with all kinds of rhinestones, studded jeans and cowboy hats. Women who looked like they had just stepped out of a Nashville beauty salon and tried to sneak over the wooden fence onto the band bus, but to no avail when security guards arrested them.

Then cowboy hats began to fly off heads as the wind picked up, followed by a wet drizzle and, without warning, a rush of water and wind, resulting in a whirlwind of cowboy hats circling in the air. The storm started just before 7:30 p.m., leaving spare tents with blankets strewn on the front lawn.

A stampede of the crowd ran to their vehicles and disappeared while the band and concert coordinators waited, hoping the dreaded words didn’t reach their ears… “cancelled.”

Four die-hard fans weathered the storm for the Jordan Davis benefit concert on July 27, 2022 | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St George News

Still, just over half of the original crowd stayed, devoted and devoted, believing that the man whose music preaches the church in a Chevy would be walking his boots on stage. Some came prepared; Ponchos and towels came out. Even two die-hards wearing yellow rain ponchos and gear danced sunny and challenged the storm gods to do their best.

With thunder and lightning aplenty, fans were swept away from the stage and any metal. The fans sat in their ceiling tents and waited.

However, after about half the crowd left, the lightning strikes and thunder rumbled and the stage crew stepped in, drying and setting up the stage. The rest of the fans rushed onto the stage excitedly and screamed in delight as the stage crew conducted the microphone and speaker tests.

About a half hour later than originally scheduled, the radio station sponsoring the event opened the show and introduced Get Outdoors Utah founder Matt Mizukawa to say a few words. Then the band, followed by the main actor, took the stage.

Jordan Davis takes the stage to the screams of the girls and the screams of the men, July 27, 2022 | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St George News

For nearly 2 hours, the die-hard fans who braved the storm and endured the wait were treated to a more personal and upbeat show. Davis put a little more “swing” into the moves, thanking them for “holding out the rain and being there often.”

Davis passed on his journey from leaving New Orleans to his detours to Nashville and then down the road. Davis laid down advice about life and its wild ride of a journey, reiterating his true treasures in life.

“I’m a patriotic man and I know there are a few things I really appreciate,” Davis said during the concert. “My faith, my family and my freedom are what my world revolves around.”

A young “biggest fan” was also recognized by the winner of the ACM Best Duet 2022, multiple guitar pictures were distributed, signed song plans and collectibles and of course the hugs.

The concert ended with an encore of his platinum duet “Buy Dirt” which highlighted the perfection of the choice it ended with as the night rolled through trials. Still, the little things in life, like rain and mud, were worth the misery, the discomfort, and the wait.

Fans screamed at the sweetheart of a time they had and the joy of not leaving. Such fans included a group of four Southern Utah University women’s team athletes, Monica Brown, Laney Kimble, Alison Kellar and Jenn Kovisto, all of whom became close to the star.

Washington’s RaeLyn & Anthony Simmons share a blanket tent with Amy & Chad Boulter to avoid the rain ahead of Jordan Davis’ concert on July 27, 2022 | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St George News

The younger ones, like Rose Devlin, 12, couldn’t wait to hear Davis’ charismatic and soul-stirring lyrics to “Buy Dirt.”

The performance was a benefit concert with proceeds going to Get Outside Utah, a southern Utah non-profit organization dedicated to getting youth outdoors for better physical and mental health. The organization provides the facilities, equipment and knowledge to participate in outdoor activities such as cliff climbing, abseiling, skiing and more.

Mizukawa delivered a simple message about the concert’s progress: “It was great.”

Since it was a benefit concert, tickets were non-returnable. The beneficiary, Get Outside Utah, was proud to report Friday morning that the amount raised was $10,000.

Mizukawa thanked the sponsors and volunteers who helped with the event. Sponsors and supporters included Staheli Family Farm, Camping World, Utah Tech University, State Bank of Southern Utah, Maverik and Dixie Oral Surgery.

Although some of the ticket buyers left when the weather turned bad, some returned to see part, if not all, of the concert. Still, many missed.

Mizukawa had nothing but compliments from the headliner as he showered him with praise.

“Jordan was such a gentleman and so kind. When it rained hardest, he told the tour manager that he would play music for the fans before the end of the night. He could feel the energy of the crowd and was determined to perform for them.”

The rainy event passed without any noteworthy incidents. The security service called only minor violations of the alcohol ban policy.

Country music star Jordan Davis performs after a rain delay on July 27, 2022 | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St George News

“This concert benefited a youth organization, so we decided to keep it as a family-friendly event,” Mizukawa explained the no-alcohol policy for the event.

Once again, Davis expressed the value of family and faith and how grateful he was to those who stayed.

And those who stayed discovered:

… the truth is that it all passes very quickly. You can’t buy happiness, but dirt can.

Or in this case mud. For die-hard fans, the mud was worth more than gold.

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