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  • My family of five is taking 22 trips in 2022 and we have developed our own dedicated travel routine.
  • To increase our three daughters’ enthusiasm, we research travel destinations and curate itineraries together.
  • Each family member is also given a small budget to buy a new item before a vacation.

After a five-week vacation in Europe in 2021, my family of five has set itself an even bigger adventure: 22 trips in 2022.

We knew the plan would not be easy to implement, but providing our three young daughters with new, exciting experiences has made the challenges worth it.

Here are the top tips I give to fellow travelers who want to experience more family adventures around the world.

Be open to trying new places

Diana Blinkhorn sits with her three daughters in front of a waterfall and shows herself from behind

I was exploring waterfalls in Costa Rica with our three daughters.

Diana Blinkhorn

My family often has an idea of ​​the places we want to visit, but we try to stay open to new ideas.

Google Flights is one of our most used resources for finding new travel ideas. We use the explore tool to enter our home city and then browse great flight deals around the world.

It’s a fantastic way for our family to think of new holiday destinations.

Create an itinerary fun for the whole family

Planning is a big part of traveling as a family, and we’ve done so much of it that we’ve developed our own routine.

First we decide on a goal. Then we all sit down and watch YouTube or travel documentaries to learn more about its history, culture and landscape.

After absorbing the new information, we all come together to put together a list of the things each of us would most like to see or do, which eventually becomes a shared, inclusive itinerary.

Read books about the destination and cook local cuisine

Diana Blinkhorn cooks with her daughter

Before we travel, let’s cook recipes from the places we’re going to visit next.

Diana Blinkhorn

It is important to get our children excited about the places we visit.

We like to go to the library and choose books about the destinations our family wants to travel to. Then we do small research projects about the country, culture and of course the food of the target.

We’re even starting to prepare some of the local dishes in our kitchen at home to get a taste of what’s to come.

Buy new items for the trip

Family trips can be expensive, so buying new items before you leave may not seem like the most financially savvy move.

However, we have found that giving each family member a small budget to choose some new things for the trip increases everyone’s excitement.

Even the purchase of a small item, such as an accessory or a practical gadget, makes the holiday that much more special.

Also, some of the things we’ve taken with us in the past have been useful and made traveling a lot easier. I have things that I pack for every trip with my kids and they help our adventures run smoothly.

Eat nutritious foods and rest before departure

Traveling can be physically and emotionally demanding, so we strive to take care of ourselves before we leave.

Before a trip we like to eat very nutritious food. We drink juices, eat leafy greens, and take vitamins and other supplements to boost our immune systems.

Slow down and take a break when you can

diana blinkhorn daughter resting in hammock

On our family outings, we always try to find moments of calm.

Diana Blinkhorn

Most of us get nervous when we travel and this can cause us to rush and move faster than we normally would.

But to be able to travel all year round and visit as many places as possible, let’s try to remember to drive as slowly as possible.

Don’t be afraid to take a full rest day in the middle of a trip. Also make sure to sleep on the plane and use the airport lounges to escape the crowds in the main terminal.

Know the destination when you get there

A post by Diana ✨ (@mrsblinks)

We do a good job of surveying our surroundings and aligning with the locals when we travel.

Our goal is to soak up everything about the places we visit. For us, one of the greatest joys of travel is getting a real feel for the destination, and it fuels our desire to explore further.

Write down your experiences and document everything

Documenting our favorite places and capturing special moments is important to us, so we’ve made it a habit to take notes and journal during our travels.

There’s no better way to look back on an amazing journey than going through photos, videos and the detailed notes we all made together.

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