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Grab your sandals, towels and sunscreen for the final months of summer. With the beach season ending, it’s time to flesh out your final vacation plans. But as soon as you’ve packed your bags, the thought comes: Where can we eat? And above all, where can we eat vegan?

To wrap up the summer holidays, PETA just crowned the top 10 vegan-friendly beach towns for vegan and plant-based diners. PETA’s guide to America’s beach towns gives us a glimpse of some hidden gems (with a few surprises). Some of the best plant-based dishes in the country can be found on the shore.

“Whether it’s the ahi watermelon nigiri at PLANTA in West Palm Beach or the treats at the vegan festivals in San Diego, it’s as easy as eating friendly tofu cream pie for foodies on the beach,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk . “All of the beach towns on PETA’s list are hotspots for the pet-friendly fare people are craving this summer.”

Avoid the stress or family feud when planning your next vacation by choosing one of these 10 cities. PETA certifies that both vegan and non-vegan vacationers will drool over the food scenes in these beach towns.

The top 10 most vegan-friendly beach towns in the US

1. San Diego, California

San Diego is chock full of delicious vegan restaurants. Between Loving Hut’s ‘Bacon’ Bahn Mi and Peace Pies’ Magical Mango Curry Wrap, there’s a perfect lunch spot for everyone. Are you looking for something for dinner? After a long, hard day of surfing, try Donna Jean’s Lasagna Verde.

2.West Palm Beach, Fla

Everyone is looking for seafood on the beach. But for vegan vacationers, there are more options than ever for plant-based seafood. West Palm Beach is considered one of the best cities in the country to find vegan seafood. Try Darbster’s aubergine scallops or PLANTA’s avocado-lime tartare. Other vegan options include Super Taco Nachos from Dina’s Vegan Deli & Desserts or Oyster Mushroom Ceviche from La Chia Vegana.

3.Charleston, South Carolina

Taking a trip to Folly Beach? Charleston is a short drive away, and this charming southern town is home to a vibrant vegan food scene. Visit the Gnome Cafe for the Bulgogi Korean Bowl or sit down for a steak dinner featuring Vined’s Mushroom Steak. For late-night drinks and vegan snacks, Neon Tiger’s menu offers several plant-based pizzas with cashew milk mozzarella and classics like Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and Reubens.

4. Santa Cruz, California

Nestled on Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz boasts an impressive list of plant-based restaurants including Veg on the Edge and Cafe Gratitude. Visit Veg on the Edge for all-day breakfasts, wraps, and tacos. Santa Cruz’s non-vegan restaurants also offer several plant-based options for their vegan vacationers. Monster Pot’s spicy kimchi noodle soup or a vegan cake from Sweet Bean Bakery will make your vacation even more memorable.

5. Newport, Rhode Island

Root in Newport, Rhode Island serves a Coconut Bacon BLT designed to help get your day off on the right foot. Visit Plant City X for a classic veggie burger or try the Chik Sandwiches. Try Sprout and Lentil’s extensive vegan menu, which includes cauliflower nugget wraps, Beyond Brats and plant-based desserts.

6. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Going to Atlantics City is always more than just a beach vacation. Walking the boardwalks and playing for hours gets tiring, and this beach town offers plenty of plant-based foods to keep you energized. Try Vegans Are Us’ crab cake sandwich or Poke Bowl Tropical Cafe’s plant-based poke bowl. Don’t worry, there are also plenty of stops to satisfy your New Jersey Italian food cravings. Visit Vegan 15 for plant-based chicken parmesan or Tony Boloney’s vegan pizza.

7. Nags Head, North Carolina

Just south of Virginia Beach is Nags Head, North Carolina’s hidden secret. This beach town is full of delicious plant-based dishes. Treat yourself to a burrito vegano from Plaza Azteca Restaruantes Mexicanos or some vegan curry from Masala Bay Grill. Looking for something lighter and maybe a beer? Try the Outer Banks Brewing Station for vegan tacos. For dessert, don’t miss the plant-based cake donuts from the Roots & Leaves Food Truck.

8.Long Beach, NY

While there is only one fully vegan restaurant, countless Long Beach restaurants offer their customers at least one plant-based option. Stop by Fermento first (maybe a few times) for some delicious vegan dishes. For more vegan options like True Food Kitchen’s corn tortilla soup and a vegan quesadilla, head to Blacksmith’s Breads. Leona & Three Brothers offers a fully vegan menu with plant-based takes on seafood classics like “Fish” N Chips and Oyster Mushroom Calamari.

9. Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven isn’t the first beach town that springs to mind. Located on Lake Michigan, Grand Haven is home to several vegan restaurants including Bodhi Tree Juice Co. and Rustic Roots. Look out for the Medusa Sandwich at The Toasted Pickle or Righteous Cuisine’s vegan Sloppy Joe Burrito. Several other restaurants, including Mama’s Thai Cafe and Cumin Fresh Indian Kitchen, will serve plant-based customers.

10. Galveston, Texas

Galveston is perhaps one of the most shocking vacation destinations for vegan guests. But this tiny beach town outside of Houston has enough vegan food to last your entire vacation. Try Vegan Gxng’s Surf N’ Turf Burrito or Old Moon Deli & Pies’ Vegan Island Dawg. You can find several vegan options at Eatcetera, including a vegan lemon bundt cake or plant-based soba noodles.

Vegan tourism is on the rise

Over 9.7 million Americans now identify as vegan, and even more hope to reduce their meat and dairy consumption. A report polled 5,700 people worldwide and found that 76 percent of respondents said sourcing food ethically and sustainably influences their choices.

When planning your next vacation, make sure you fly with the right airline so you don’t travel hungry. Here are the seven best airlines for plant-based passengers.

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