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Spar hacks in Switzerland

Ask hikers and they will likely tell you Switzerland is one of her dream destinations. Home to mesmerizing landscapes, tasty treats and luxury shopping, the country is a must-see for all. But apart from its allure, it is also known as one of the most expensive countries in the world – cuh sad face.

However, don’t let the exorbitant price tags stop you from having the fun. While there is plenty to do in the land of Swiss watches and cheese, there is also Money saving hacks You can accept to make your budget last longer. Read on to learn more; You can thank us later.

1. Stay in quieter towns close to the main tourist towns

The town of Pontresina, which is neighboring St. Moritz.
Photo credit: Daniel Spreyermann

Google Accommodations in Switzerland and cities like Zermatt and St Moritz will pop up. While these places are *kiss of the chef*there is quieter cities which are not heavily populated and geared towards tourists. Consider cities like Glarus, Randa, Täsch, Pontresina and Samedan as these places are just as beautiful and accessible as Zurich and St. Moritz.

It is also worth staying in affordable hotels such as CitizenM Zurich (from ~S$250.71/night) or boutique style, inclusive Boutique Hotel Helvetia (from ~S$319.12/night) instead of luxury hotels like the Mandarin Oriental, which will set you back ~S$1,151/night – since you’ll be exploring most of the time anyway.

2. Travel off-peak such as April, September and November

Saving tips in Switzerland - travel period
Save on items like airline tickets and accommodation.

Before you head out to pack your suitcase, it’s important to plan your trip public holidays. you will want it Avoid rush hours like July, August and late December to February as these take place during major holidays like CNY and school holidays – hence prices are generally on the higher end.

It’s also common for Europeans to travel around during the winter and summer holidays, and chances are that tourist spots get pretty crowded. Months like April, September and November are the best choices.

3. Buy a Swiss Travel Rail Pass for unlimited Bus and train journeys

Savings hacks in Switzerland – klook swiss travel rail pass
Just show your Swiss Travel Pass e-ticket on your phone and you’re good to go.

As your itinerary is packed with various activities to conquer, you will be tempted to rent a car from ~S$90/day for convenience. But here we agree to disagree – not all places are easily accessible by car, and you’ll pay a pretty penny for that four-wheel drive.

Get one instead Swiss Travel Rail Pass (from CHF 332.05) This saves you the hassle of purchasing it for transport. You get unlimited travel on trains, boats and buses for up to 15 days, FOC Rides on premium panoramic trains and free entry to over 500 attractions. plus, Children under 15 get a free rail pass and youth 16-24 get a 30% discount.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a rail pass, you’re in luck – Klook is giving away a free Swiss Travel Rail Pass from now until August 14, 2022 Klook SG Telegram channel for more details.

4. Use the Swiss Half Fare Card for discounted travel & Cableways

Saving tips in Switzerland – klook swiss halffare card
The Swiss Half Fare Card is also accepted in 90 cities in Switzerland.
Photo credit: Klook

If there’s one thing we Singaporeans love, it’s a good ol’ discount – no shame, we’re just being smart with our finances. Before boarding any public transport in Switzerland, you should consider taking the Swiss Half-Fare travelcard ($168.89) that comes in clutch for your transportation costs.

do not say bojio – The card is valid for one month and gets you up to 50% off train, bus, boat, selected cable cars and premium panoramic train tickets like the Glacier Express which would originally cost you at ~S$130/ticket. We’ll leave you to do the math here, but you will do it defi get some big savings with it.

5. Shop with Swiss francs instead of euros

Saving tips in Switzerland - Swiss francs
Photo credit:

Preparing for your upcoming vacation includes a visit to the money changer so you don’t have to go through the hassle of borrowing money from your friends. While euros are accepted in Switzerland, Shopping with Swiss francs is recommended as it has a more favorable exchange rate.

But of course, with something as unpredictable as exchanging money, it’s always best to double check just before your trip.

6. Shop for souvenirs in department stores

Savings hacks in Switzerland - jelmoli
Photo credit:
Elijah Stadler

While we would love it Everyone that our friends and family join us on the journey, it’s just impossible. So we do the next best thing, which is to bring a piece of Switzerland back to them. You may be inclined to shop for gifts at tourist souvenir shops, but there are cheaper alternatives at local department stores.

Go to Jelmoli and Globus, and you’ll find iconic Swiss items including Swiss Army knives and cheese. They also have popular souvenir items like postcards and magnets at a lower price.

7. Opt for affordable F&B options like ready meals

Saving hacks in Switzerland - migros ready meals
Photo credit:

As tempting as it is to treat yourself to Swiss fondue all day errdaythere is affordable dining options if you want to save a few euros. Local supermarkets like Migros or Coop sell in-house food and drinks, and you’ll find a range of dishes like sandwiches, desserts and salads where you pay by weight.

you also have ready meals like spaghetti carbonara (approx. S$4.22), which you only need to heat up, compared to a typical restaurant meal that costs between S$25 and S$30.

If you’re craving a little taste of home, keep an eye out Asian cuisine restaurants since they have wallet-friendly menus; There are also food trucks along the street selling Asian dishes like dumplings. Try to avoid fast food establishments as they can be quite expensive – our colleagues spent around S$100 for a group of 4 people Makkas. whoops.

Savings hacks in Switzerland - Free water fountain

And before you stock up on 1.5L bottled mineral water, you’ll be pleased to know that there are water fountains that dispense potable water FOC throughout Switzerland – all you need is your own water bottle. Cities like Zurich have 1,200 fountains all over the place and Geneva just installed its first sparkling fountain. Yes, sparkling water it’s free for everyone.

8. Buy stale bread for a cheap and quick breakfast

Savings hacks in Switzerland - ass-bar
“fresh from yesterday”, which translates as “fresh from yesterday”.
Photo credit: Food bar

Although we all know it is Old out, new in, this saying does not necessarily apply to everything. For those who crave baked goods breakfastskip the overpriced cafes and bookmark Food bar instead for some of of yesterday loaf. But don’t worry, it’s still good to eat.

This bakery collects the previous day’s unsold bread and pastries from various nearby shops and sells them at a fraction of the original price, ranging from S$4 to S$11. You will find branches throughout Switzerland – from St. Gallen and Winterthur to Zurich and Bern.

Website of the Äss Bar

Bonus: tipping is not expected

Saving tips in Switzerland – tipping culture
Switzerland has a tipping culture similar to Singapore.

Newcomers to the country may be unfamiliar with the ways of the locals, including tipping culture. Unlike other countries like America, Tipping is not a must in Switzerland, as their service tips are included in the final bill. But if you’re particularly happy with the service you received, there’s no stopping you from saying an extra “thank you.”

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Spar hacks in Switzerland

It’s safe to say Switzerland isn’t your typical budget holiday destination — but that doesn’t mean it is Completely unaffordable for the common man. And while you’re there admiring the snow-capped mountains and stocking up on delicious chocolate, there are plenty of activities to check out – most of which can easily be booked klook.

klook Jungfraujoch day tour
The tour includes transport to and from Zurich.
Photo credit: @Sunbeams923

Adventure lovers can consider that Jungfraujoch day tour (S$370.65) where you will visit the Top of Europe. You’ll be blessed with unobstructed views of the stunning mountain ranges and a visit to Europe’s highest railway station – imagine a whopping 3,500m. There’s also the Ice Palace to visit at the summit if you’re thinking of channeling your inner Elsa.

klook Titlis day trip
The more adventurous can cross the Cliff Walk on Mount Titlis – the highest suspension bridge in Europe.
Photo credit: Wikipedia

That Day trip to Mount Titlis (S$234.69) is another not to be missed. The tour takes you to Lucerne with its magnificent views of the lake and a fully rotating cable car to the top of Mount Titlis. Choose between snow tubing, visiting sun terraces with views of the Alps, or exploring the glacier cave before arranged transport takes you back to Zurich.

klook paragliding in Interlaken

Paragliding in Interlaken (S$243.29) is one for the books. Regardless of whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a YOLO Kind person, you will definitely be left in awe after your experience. In the 15-20 minutes you are in the sky you can get a bird’s eye view of the famous Swiss mountain ranges Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Money saving hacks in Switzerland

Tick ​​off your bucket list experience in Switzerland without worrying about your expenses. And who knows, you might even create an epic love story like in crash landing on youand meet them Ri Jeong Hyeok to your Yoon Se Ri.

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