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Cabo lures with endless action and luxurious stays

Los Cabos has been the go-to destination for celebrities for more than 60 years, starting with Golden Age stars like John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball and Steve McQueen; and more recently, he’s dressed George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few.

The stars are in Los Cabos to capture celebrity interest as the destination is close to Los Angeles and many major cities that offer direct commercial and private flights, with a wealth of luxurious stays and amenities that make these trips a one-of-a-kind experience Make regular escape of calm and relaxation for connoisseurs. For celebs and wealthy travelers, it’s all about the villa layouts, stunning penthouses and luxury accommodations that Los Cabos resorts offer. So are the endless opportunities that the Pacific Ocean and its beautiful beaches offer, such as boating, sailing, parasailing or diving into the wild world of whales, sea lions and whale sharks in the surrounding waters.

As the travel boom returns, Los Cabos has been at the forefront, welcoming visitors with a growing list of temptations — all in a comfortable golden corridor of hospitality. Travelers say “Yes!” Take vacations, immerse themselves in wellness retreats, experience new adventures, and enjoy the sweet sensations of lounging on the beach, and Los Cabos makes those decisions all the easier by offering packages that meet demand.

Exquisite resorts and sumptuous villas

Every vacation plan starts with hospitality, and there are so many options when it comes to booking Los Cabos. Would you like to wake up to the sound of the waves just a few meters from your window… and a fresh cup of coffee and a tray of fruit and bread waiting on your terrace? Do you value privacy? Or would you rather enjoy your time in Los Cabos right in the thick of it, at a hotel where all the action is? Would you like to spend your vacation with friends, family or a special group? Or would you like this to be a romantic retreat for two? Would you like to travel alone and be pampered? Or would you like to find a hideaway where you can sit in the shade, read a book and hear the wind and birds. Los Cabos has just the right solution for all your “wishes”.

Consider staying in a private villa with multiple bedrooms for up to 20 guests, plenty of communal and cozy private space, all with sweeping views over the Sea of ​​Cortez, a dedicated on-site butler, a chef to take care of your kitchen and… handles pool party treats and a concierge to book golf, in-room massages, dinner reservations and the best options for local adventures. Or choose an ocean or cliff-facing hotel room in Cabo San Lucas, overlooking the confluence of waters in a dazzling southern horizon. You can also opt for a rocking stay and enjoy a wealth of amenities and a kaleidoscope of entertainment that many resorts offer.

Guided Luxury

Fill your Los Cabos vacation with a dose of unique experiences. Few destinations offer so much choice in such a small, concentrated area of ​​natural beauty. In Los Cabos, you can catch the big fish in a variety of seafaring adventures, fishing tournaments, or swim with the big fish and aquatic mammals that call the Sea of ​​Cortez home. Or, at sunset, sail around El Arco on a yacht, sip champagne and enjoy a gourmet feast as you cruise past the dramatic coastal escarpments that mark the bottom of the Baja.

Other options include desert experiences with guided hikes to the secret waterfalls and swimming holes in the Sierra de la Laguna. Likewise, 22 uncrowded Blue Flag beaches await you, giving you the water all to yourself. Discover precious colonial art cities in the mountains and quiet fishing villages on the coast.

One might choose to stay behind and explore what rare experiences can be had in the pursuit of peace and rejuvenation. Consider a guided water trip or a private temazcal session with an experienced shaman, adding magical cleansing rituals only in Cabo. A plethora of hotels and spas look forward to pampering you with fantastic treatments that will leave a lasting memory of your discoveries.

Follow your taste buds

Continue the wealth of sensations with Los Cabos’ acclaimed cuisine. Los Cabos has the tasting, the omakases, and even the perfect taco that’s just right for the moment and your taste buds. From organic, family-style farm-to-table celebrations to romantic commemorations, Los Cabos is a journey of the senses.

An easy way to expand on flavor and culinary sophistication is to delve into District 23400, the area also known as San Jose del Cabo. Expand your taste buds amidst fusion restaurants, atmospheric lounges, authentic food trucks and open-air stalls waiting to dazzle your appetite. Tasty Tuesdays are the perfect time to meet friends and stroll the colorful streets and squares in search of great new flavors. Take an art walk, tequila tour, cucina class, or take it easy, table by table, boutique by boutique for a complete experience.

feasts for your eyes

Dine overlooking the ocean with soft firelight illuminating the occasion. Walk to your private corner of the beach and listen to the waves lapping while you take in the beautiful scenery. Sip coffee at an al fresco bistro surrounded by the colorful colonial street scene. This is San Jose del Cabo as travelers, local families, artists and musicians stroll the city and town square. Take a moment to step back and surrender to life at play around you. Take it in, breathe it in and taste it all.

Accessible Los Cabos has the packages, the action, the activities and the breathtaking stays to meet all your needs. Tequila tastings, cooking classes, hops at the gallery, swimming beaches, sunset cruises and soothing spa treatments can all be found in Los Cabos and enjoyed however you wish. Check out the featured deals and book your comeback to Los Cabos.

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