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Those flights from New York to Tel Aviv…some say it’s like work. You just have to get through it. Eventually it comes to an end and the result is worth it.

Before we begin our practical tips, there are a few important things to consider when planning to fly with a baby. You don’t have to do without fun outings, because you have the little ones!

Children tend to align themselves with their parents, so it helps if one parent is relaxed instead of tense. Even mom and dad should be well rested before boarding the plane with babies! That being said, we found that flying at night was easier when we had small children when the plane tends to be quieter. When all else fails, my number one tip is to just remember that “this too will pass”. Finally, get off the plane and have a fabulous time. But even when you are very relaxed, you may find yourself in a situation where you simply need to calm the baby down – if not for yourself, then for your baby and those around you. And being prepared helps! These cues help baby feel comfortable and calm — and make flying as enjoyable as possible.

What to pack:

  • Diapers, wipes and everything you need often in a separate bag that you can remove from your main hand luggage (stored in the luggage compartment) and keep next to you. IMPORTANT: Pack more diapers, wipes and formula than you think you need. You can’t get stuck/delayed/diverted if you don’t have enough to get through!
  • change of clothes. A baby usually needs 2 changes of clothes just in case.
  • Additional pacifiers
  • Lots of books, toys, finger food (cereal) and lots of bibs.
  • Thin blanket or swaddle – for the cold or just to cuddle to sleep. Also good if you are breastfeeding (baby nursing blanket, a great item for breastfeeding moms)

Stay calm:

  • shusher – An absolutely ingenious souvenir for a baby flight.
  • Inflatable cushion/footrest. It inflates and fits in the space between the seat and the seat in front of you, creating a bed that’s the perfect size for a toddler. You can lie down and be cozy!
  • ears hurt? Give the baby a bottle or nurse during takeoff and landing. It really helps to prevent popping ears.
  • If your babies are fussy on flights, have their ears checked before the trip.
  • DO NOT give Benadryl to a younger child as it may stimulate the child rather than make them sleepy.
  • More pacifiers!
  • And don’t forget Tylenol – baby suppositories are the easiest to take on the go.

Airplane toys:

  • suction toy. This Suction spinner toy or this Suction “Fascination Station” easily sucks on surfaces. They are perfect for playtime in your seat when the tray table is folded down.
  • Squigz Toobz. For toddlers who have outgrown the above, the Squigz Toobz or the mini version are great, especially if you have a window seat.
  • buffer balls. Take a piece of twine or ribbon and tie it to the tray in the seat in front of you. Now they can play without losing the balls.

To eat and drink:

  • A classic formula dispenser. This holds up to 3 bottles of formula. You can also use our DIY formula storage hack.
  • Divided formula dispenser. (UNITED KINGDOM). This item is great because each formula is in its own section with its own spout so you don’t accidentally pour formula from another section (it’s a UK item so it’s more expensive in the US).
  • Pop Yum baby bottles. The formula and water are kept in two separate sections. Just pop and shake when ready to feed. Fill them all up with a room temperature water bottle while you wait at the gate (security might let them through pre-filled, but not always) and you won’t have to get up or make a formula mess every time you need a bottle close. Note: The nipples on these bottles are very similar to Como Tomo.
  • Also important: It’s very helpful to get babies used to drinking lukewarm room temperature bottles so that they take the bottle when you can’t warm it.)
  • Snack catcher. Put Cheerios in. Your child reaches out to get the food without major spills. This is great as kids can’t easily pull the lid off.
  • sippy cup. This cup teaches toddlers to drink from a real cup at the same time while avoiding spills. It’s also easy to clean (make sure to separate all parts).

Do you travel this Yom Tov? For more flight tips, see 14 secrets for a happy flight, the best way to pack your hand luggage and The best travel tips from our readers.

Thank you Mama, Devorah, Devoiry, Bruchi, Ruchy, Shira and Goldy for all your baby travel tips. Do you have any other tips for those flying with a baby? Comment below!

Updated: September 17, 2022 — 12:32 am

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