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Real RV owners share their favorite RV resorts and campgrounds…

People love camping for a variety of reasons. Some love discovering new places while hiking, while others enjoy napping or reading a book in their favorite travel hammock.

The great thing is that there is no shortage of camping activities to enjoy while motorhome driving.

If you pull ashore or camp in a more rural location, you can participate in quiet nature activities. Or you can stay at a campsite or resort that has lots of different activities to offer!

Recently one of our RV Lifestyle Facebook members named Mary asked our group a great question. She asked:

“What activities do you enjoy most at campgrounds/resorts?”

Of course, our RV Lifestyle members gave her lots of great ideas about what they like to do when travelling. The post received over 150 comments!

9 Popular RV Resort and Campground Activities

The following is a list of various camping activities that our RV Lifestyle Facebook group enjoys enjoying at and near RV campgrounds and resorts.

If you already have your favorite camping activities, see if you’ve made the list. Otherwise, you can get more ideas for fun things to do while adventuring in your RV.

1. Water Activities

Many resorts have various water activities on their properties. These include swimming pools, hot tubs and lazy rivers and they were one of the top mentioned activities in the comments.

With the warm summer temperatures, a dip in the pool can be really refreshing. Billy commented, “I would say about now, the pool.”

When it’s hot and stuffy outside, nothing is more refreshing than a dip in the pool, especially after you’ve done something active like hiking or pickleball in the morning.

In addition to sitting or swimming in a pool, many resorts offer water sports classes. They may include water exercise classes or pool volleyball.

2. Sporting activities

Kayak fishing campground activities

I know that swimming and other water sports are a sport. But many respondents said they enjoy other types of exercise. These include sand volleyball, pickleball, fishing, kayaking, hiking and biking.

You can take part in various sports activities across the country, no matter where you are. Many people also like to combine their adventures. For example, they enjoy fishing from their kayak (I’m addicted to kayak fishing!).

Another sport Randy mentioned is golf and many agreed with him. Some of the fancier resorts have golf courses attached to their property. Just beware they come with a hefty nightly rate.

In addition, many people enjoy nature photography. This also applies to many of these sports. You can hike or bike to a cool spot to take photos you wouldn’t be able to take otherwise.

3. Sights

Camping activities in Yosemite

A lot of people like RVs because they can see a lot of new things whether they’re driving or parking.

You can choose to camp in a national park so you have easy access to incredible sights. If you do, just know that these parks can get pretty crowded during peak season. For most parks this is from May to October depending on location.

An RV Lifestyle member, Shanna, said she enjoys “riding inflatable boats on the river.” While this is a sporting activity, it’s also a fun way to visit different areas or parks.

Yosemite National Park in California is a great place to go tubing and enjoy the park’s wondrous beauty. Other states across the country have similar facilities.

4. Enjoy peace and quiet

Hammock for relaxing at the campsite

Many of our members responded with different variations of their preference for peace and quiet.

A humorous reply came from Tim. He said he enjoys “that people don’t ask me questions.” Of course he was funny, but many people enjoy the quiet solitude that camping can bring.

Charlie supported this idea. He said he likes to “listen to the birds and not the kids” when he travels.

It sounds like Charlie appreciates 55+ RV campgrounds.

The RV Lifestyle hat collection by Mike and Jennifer

9 Popular RV Resort and Campground Activities 1
Who needs a hat?

Who needs a hat? They do! Dad hats aren’t just for dads. This comfortable style has a low profile with an adjustable strap and curved bill. Just the thing for your next RV lifestyle adventure.

5. Reading

The 10 best books to read while camping

Another activity that many people have mentioned that doesn’t come directly from a campground or resort is reading. But since so many of our members have suggested it, I’m including it on this list.

It seems that many people like to take a good book with them when they go camping. They can sit in their zero-gravity chair, put their feet up and immerse themselves in a story.

All they need is a cozy campsite with a beautiful view!

If you agree with that, check out the 10 best books to read while camping.

6. Eat at local restaurants

Best RV Camping in Wine Country

Another fun activity doesn’t necessarily take place at the campsite or resort (but it can!). Many people like to try new restaurants in the city they visit.

One member, Mary, said she enjoys looking at “locally owned breweries, wineries and restaurants.” Jennifer and I feel the same way!

She may bump into another RV Lifestyle member, Luke, who says his “favorite thing” is drinking tequila. His answer is humorous, but many people love to try (responsibly) different adult drinks that are available around town.

Many different states have wine routes, microbreweries or distilleries that you can visit if you like that kind of thing. If this is your cup of tea (or rather a glass of wine), I recommend the following:

7. Relax

Activities at the campsite

Many of our members said that they like to relax when they go camping. All they want from a campsite is a nice place to stretch out and enjoy nature. That and a pleasant place to visit with family and friends.

Many people enjoy not having to stick to a schedule when traveling. It allows them to choose what they want to do, when they want to do it.

Many others included the good fortune that a campfire brings.

A member named Janis said she likes “quiet neighbors, distance between sites.” Possibility to have a campfire.”

Another member, Heather, said she likes “sitting by the fire with friendly people and chatting all night long.”

I also love sitting around the campfire, especially when we’re also enjoying Easy Campfire Snacks & Treats.

8. Socializing

Activities at the campsite
Some of our attendees from our recent Elkhart Encounter RV Gathering

Socializing is another great appeal for people when camping. Countless members have said they enjoy meeting other travelers or sitting around a fire and chatting with other people.

Camping offers a relaxing way to connect with other people who also enjoy being out in nature.

I know that meeting new people can be scary for some. If this is you, I recommend reading about how to make friends while camping.

9. Other Amenities

Many people mentioned specific campground facilities rather than activities. I think they are definitely worth mentioning.

Many campgrounds and resorts offer convenient amenities to ensure your trip runs smoothly.

They often mentioned places with washing facilities and showers. These will surely come in handy after all those swimming, exercising, lounging and campfire activities you enjoy! Just make sure you follow your campsite’s laundry etiquette.

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Your favorite activities at the campsite

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