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PERSONAL PHOTO Jamie Zazzara leads a meditation while playing the Crystal Chakra Bowls.

This summer, a little sun therapy, water therapy or wind therapy might be just what you need – I know I needed it this past weekend while doing a sunrise yoga/meditation sail along Barnegat Bay.

Captain Dave Basile of Boat Wind Therapy, part of Jersey Coastal Adventures, and Jaime Zazzara, a sound healer and life coach, have teamed up to offer sunrise and sunset sails from Lacey Twp./Forked River in Ocean County. These yoga and meditation cruises promote relaxation, boost energy, and can all be an uplifting, cathartic adventure at sea. It’s a great bonding experience for parents and their teens, couples or even singles – I went alone as many of my friends were afraid of getting seasick (definitely not a problem here) and I met a group of incredible people to share the spent tomorrow .

The 41ft sailboat leaves the dock at 7am on Saturdays for the sunrise cruise, so I arrived at Wilberts Marina at 6:30am to make sure I found parking. There are many boats in the marina but there is also enough parking space on the small property to accommodate the sailors as it is early in the morning.

PERSONAL PHOTO Wind therapy sailboat

For this sail, the boat accommodates six guests who should be at least 12 years old, preferably 16 years old or older as yoga and meditation will be performed on the deck of the boat. It would not be safe for younger members of your family to attend or they may not be interested.

The highlight, however, is exactly that: the yoga and meditation. After sailing out into the bay, Captain Dave will drop anchor and each member of your party can (carefully) climb onto the deck. Sitting on a blanket or towel, Jaime performs seated yoga, primarily twists and light stretches. Then she invites you to make yourself comfortable, lie down if you wish and surrender to the rhythms of the crystal bowls that tap into the energies of the chakras. I found it very peaceful and relaxing while some others on board were very moved by the energy healing. If you have never experienced sound healing, this is a wonderful process. I love hearing crystal bowls but the experience on the water was completely new and invigorating and something everyone should try. What was interesting was that as the playing of the crystal bowls intensified, so did the boat rocking – but it was gentle rock, nothing scary or off-putting to those nervous about being out on the open water.


Although yoga and meditation were what drew us to the cruise for me and the other women in the group, anyone not interested in the yoga portion can stay in the cockpit area of ​​the boat on a padded bench. It’s very soothing to just take in the sun and the other boaters and the sounds of the waves and the birds flying overhead, even if you’re not sure whether to climb to the front of the sailboat.

Those who take part absolutely need sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel to sit on. You can try on a hat depending on the wind. You can bring your own snacks and drinks. Depending on the weather, you can wear a bathing suit and blanket, or even a sweatshirt and sweatpants if it’s windy. The direct sunlight feels great, but the cool breeze could give you goosebumps (I had to borrow a blanket from one of the other women). If it’s warm enough, you can also take part in some water activities, such as B. Swimming or swimming in a tube.


An added bonus is the watermelon that Jaime serves after meditation—the perfect summertime snack.

At 10 a.m. we were back on land. Sailing each way takes about half an hour, so we had a lovely two hours enjoying yoga, meditation and chit-chat in the beauty of nature. After the pandemic, it was a lovely experience speaking to strangers who are now friends and able to socialize in such a healing environment.

The Thursday sunset sail is a little longer as the boat departs at 5pm and the sunset is just around 8:30pm so prepare for a longer sail – but that’s actually a good thing! You will be able to watch as the sun slides down to the horizon and the majestic colors paint the sky.

Plus, some sails offer a pound fitness class with Lisa Pepper off the dock, a 15-minute onboard massage from Carrie Villanueva, or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga with Dana Mitchell after anchor!

This is a great experience for families with older children, couples, a group of girlfriends, or even singles. Sails are currently scheduled for August (sunset to August 18th and sunrise to August 20th) but will most likely be extended to September. Note that there are restrooms on board and weather may cause your trip to be postponed. Introductory sails cost $100. Massage sails cost $150. Contact Jaime via Facebook Messenger for booking information. It’s definitely an experience you’ll want to take advantage of this summer.

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