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The fourth and final chapter of the Spelljammer Academy mini-campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5e is now available for free on D&D Beyond.

The fourth and final chapter of the Spelljammer Academy mini-campaign for dungeons is now available for free on D&D Beyondwhich offers players a complete adventure that prepares them for what is to come Light of Xaryxis Campaign. Spelljammer is a D&D Campaign setting in space where parties use magical sailing ships known as Spelljammers to adventure in wildspace.

Spelljammer campaign cessation is coming D&D 5e in the coming Spelljammer: Adventures in Spacescheduled for launch in North America on August 16th and September 13th in EMEA. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is a box set that includes three books, a DM screen, and a double-sided poster card. The three books are the Astral Adventurer’s Guide, Boo’s Astral Menagerieand Light of Xaryxis. That Astral Adventurer’s Guide is a player’s book containing new character options for Spelljammer, as well as the rules for the Spelljammer itself; Boo’s Astral Menagerie is the monster book with statistics for the new threats waiting for you in Wildspace; and Light of Xaryxis is a campaign for level 5-8 players divided into twelve chapters.


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Spelljammer is one of the most unusual campaign settings in the history of D&D. Wizards of the Coast has released a free Spelljammer mini-campaign D&D Beyondcalled Spelljammer Academy, aiming to introduce new players to the strangeness of Spelljammer. The fourth and final chapter of Spelljammer Academy is available now D&D Beyondso groups can do this before starting Spelljammer: Adventures in Space.

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The last chapter of Spelljammer Academy is called “Behold H’Catha” and involves a journey to the planet H’Catha, which is a location in the same solar system as the world of Toril from the Forgotten Realms. Once players complete Behold H’Catha, they reach level 5, which puts them in the level range for Light of Xaryxis, allowing groups to plug directly into the campaign should they choose to do so. The setting of the Spelljammer campaign is huge and infinite, and there is nothing stopping players from using it Spelljammer Academy as a prelude to their own homebrew campaigns.

Also the Spelljammer Academy introduces the Spelljammer ship rules, gives players the experience of hanging out on a magical holodeck, and even allows them to steal a derelict viewership. DMs should check it out if they intend to run a Spelljammer campaign as it provides a great introduction to the setting and the new rules introduced in D&D: Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. The people who stopped running Spelljammer Academy As a weekly affair, they can now read the entire adventure and see if they want to play it or if they prefer to dive headfirst into Spelljammer at launch.

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That Spelljammer: Adventures in Space Campaign set for dungeons launches August 16 and September 13 in EMEA.

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