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The official Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel has revealed that clowns in the D&D multiverse have an unsettling origin in the Spelljammer setting.

The disturbing origins of clowns in the dungeons Multiverse has been revealed and it turns out they are demonic clowns from outer space. D&D has offered players the opportunity to play as Clowns in older editions of the game, in the form of the Jester Kit for Bards in ADD and the bard-like Jester base class in D&D 3e, with bad jokes and stupidities armed with magic.

The Spelljammer campaign setting for D&D will be updated shortly for 5e Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set to. Spelljammer is a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi in which players explore the universe with magical sailing ships. The old version of Spelljammer had cosmic horror elements, but it also had its silly content as that was the setting that was introduced D&D‘s giant space hamsters bred to run in the giant wheels that power the Spell Jammers used by the Gnomes of Krynn. D&DThe new version of Spelljammer will keep this mix of comedy and horror as this is the essence of D&Dalthough most games never stay in one genre for long.


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Spelljammer is also home to roving gangs of space clowns who travel through space on Spelljammer ships equipped with giant cake throwers. It was revealed in a video about the officer dungeons YouTube channel that the space clowns are the inspiration for clowns in universe D&D multiverse. This is due to visiting space clowns D&D Action worlds and leave their mark on the residents.

The sinister effects of Dungeons & Dragons’ space clowns

Surprisingly, Spelljammer’s space clowns are classified as Fiends, which puts them in a similar category to demons and devils. They come from a place called Clown Space, which contains three ring-shaped worlds. It remains to be seen if players will be able to visit Clown Space in the future Spelljammer: Adventures in Spaceor if they would want it at all, since one spooky clown is enough for most people and a whole sector of space would just be overkill.

The concept of Spelljammer filled with demonic space clowns might be a little too silly for some DMs, especially those introduced to the concepts of Spelljammer by the terrifying Nautiloid ship Baldur’s Gate 3. The comedy elements of Spelljammer are just as important as the body horror and darkness that lurks in outer space as they are key to the setting’s identity. That D&D Groups that don’t want to fight clown-filled intergalactic sailing ships will miss out on what makes Spelljammer so great, as they fit right next to it D&D‘s giant space hamster.

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That Spelljammer: Adventures in Space Campaign set for dungeons launches August 16 and September 13 in EMEA.

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