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Resin 3D printing is a bit like magic. You send a design to the machine, watch the build platform sink into a puddle of slime, and then, hours later, a model appears seemingly out of nowhere. Even after countless prints, the dizzying excitement of this revelation doesn’t let up. This is something I always dreamed of when I was a little kid: being able to literally print out toys.

But these days, the D&D community has continued that dream: instead of just making individual miniatures, they’re creating whole ones worlds for us. Cast ‘n’ Play (opens in new tab) is one of the groups leading this charge, and it has grown from a single person dealing with the best 3D printers to a company creating entire universes of content.

DIY realities

Cast n play undead ogres

Each Cast n Play pack includes a variety of creatures, terrain, and props (Image credit: Cast n Play)

However, things didn’t go well at first. Alex Zaragoza’s first 3D printer arrived broken. As a used machine, which he bought on eBay in 2015, it was, in his own words, “very bad” – the parts didn’t fit together properly and he had to glue them down. But still, he was blown away by what it could do. Although it died less than a year later, Alex (then a 3D artist in the video game industry) had been bitten by the virus. When a friend offered him a resin printer they didn’t have space for, he jumped at the opportunity. Fast forward a few years, and Alex is now responsible for well over a dozen employees and a company that pulls in monthly subscribers for about 40 fantasy miniatures every four weeks. They’re also completing their latest – and judging by the over $156,000 raised so far, successful – crowdfunding campaign, Terrain Essentials Vol II: Interiors (opens in new tab)‘ with numerous props for your gaming table.

There are clearly people looking for something like this because I don’t know how else they would find this store I did last night

Alex Zaragoza, co-founder and director

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