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Rib Lake School Board Approves Trip To Nashville – Central Wisconsin News – CW Media | Gmx Pharm

Rib Lake students will be flying to Nashville next summer.

At the September 8 Rib Lake Board of Education meeting, board members approved a four-day trip to Nashville, Tennessee for the high school choir June 19-23, 2023.

The trip includes a visit to a performance at the Grand Ole Opry – including a post-show tour, dinner at Paula Deen’s Kitchen and a performance at the Opry Plaza. On the educational side, the trip also includes a tour of Belmont University, where students will meet a professor and have a clinic with them. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s “Star for the Day” and “Inside Tracks” programs, where they have the opportunity to record a song and write and produce a song from scratch with recording artist Megan Linsey and Grammy-nominated producer Tyler Cain.

The approximate price per student for this trip is between US$895 and US$920. There will be many fundraising opportunities for students in the coming months to prepare for this exciting opportunity. A big fundraising opportunity is a car wash on Saturday, September 17 from 8:30am to 4:00pm

The car wash is free, but community members can pledge money to students or donate there. The locations for the car washes are Cenex gas station in Rib Lake and Hardee’s in Medford.

Discussing the importance of this journey, Education Committee Member Rollie Thums said: “We have to be round. We love it here, we still need to be well rounded for what’s going on around us.”

In other stores:

The Board of Education approved payment of ongoing bills totaling $136,348.64.

District Administrator Travis Grubbs discussed the 2021-22 audit, which showed the school district had reserves of 13.6% of the total budget. This equates to about 50 days of functionality before the school runs out of money with no outside funding. Grubbs mentioned that ideally that figure should be between 10% and 20%, and while 13.6% is in that range, he’d like to see it higher.

For these reasons, the school district takes out short-term loans to cover expenses between receiving tax payments and government grants. The district approved a $1 million short-term loan to “cover the immediate costs of operating and maintaining public education in the district for the 2022-2023 school year.”

The annual Board of Education meeting is scheduled for October 3 at 7 p.m. in the music classroom at Rib Lake Elementary School. The Levy Approval Meeting will be held on October 24 at 6:30 p.m

In the budget update from District Administrator Grubbs, he speculated by pointing out that “no income and things are certain” until the beginning of October. Based on developments so far this school year, property taxes are expected to increase and revenue to decline, Grubbs said, while recognizing that the budget is unlikely to improve over time. The school district received technology grants last year, so the budget in this area is much lower than last year.

The school district’s high school renovation debt referendum has three years to go, with just over $500,000 in debt a year. With three years remaining, the debt becomes callable, meaning it could be repaid early. County Councilor Grubbs said: “It would make a lot of sense to pay back half this year and half next year and take care of the referendum debt by next fiscal year. This would save Rib Lake taxpayers money on interest for the extra year or two.”

The board approved a pay increase for event staff.

The board approved the sealing of the bricks for the high school and middle school gymnasium walls and the roofline of the elementary school atrium. This will hopefully fix an issue with a leak in the elementary school.

District Administrator Grubbs and Principal Kirsten Budimlija spoke about the start of the school year, both mentioning the energy that was felt in the building on day one and how it has greatly improved over the past two years.

Speaking about the ongoing Legacy Garden project, Administrator Grubbs expressed his gratitude to the community. “Our community is really wonderful. Thank you to everyone who donated to this special project.”

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Updated: September 15, 2022 — 12:06 am

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