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The first shipment of grain since Russia launched its war in Ukraine sets sail from Ukraine’s port of Odessa. Americans who support abortion rights are less likely to vote in November’s midterm elections than those who say abortion should be illegal. Generac, which makes natural gas-fired backup generators, is looking to expand its 80% market share with packages that combine gas, solar and batteries with artificial intelligence.

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In the news today

  • As part of a deal brokered by the United Nations, A shipment of more than 26,500 tons of corn left the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Monday, marking the first shipment of grain since Russia invaded Ukraine. The move is expected to allay worries about the global food supply.
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and five other Democratic lawmakers made their way Sunday Congress delegation to four Asian countries, However, the itinerary made no mention of a possible stopover in Taiwan, which would have fueled tensions between the US and China. The trip comes after President Joe Biden reiterated to Chinese President Xi Jinping during a 137-minute phone call last week that the US does not support Taiwan’s independence.

Top take aways

Severe weather continued to ravage the United States as heavy rains caused severe flooding in eastern Kentucky at least 28 people killed– including some children – with the death toll expected to rise. President Joe Biden declared the flood a “major disaster” and Kentucky mobilized the National Guard to locate missing persons and rescue those trapped in soaked homes.

A new poll found that Americans who believe the overthrow of Roe v. Wade is a “great loss for women’s rights” by the Supreme Court are actually significantly less likely to say they will vote in the November midterm election 52% plan to vote vs. 70% Of those who say judgment is not a loss. Overall, 55% of Americans who support abortion rights say they are likely to vote, compared to 66% of those who say abortion should be illegal.

Nevada set a state record when gaming revenue surpassed $1 billion in June for the 16th straight month. Fueled by action along the Strip, the Silver State Raised $1.28 billion in casino gaming revenue, up 22.7% from pre-pandemic levels and up 8.1% from last June.

Even if a US recession was not officially declared, the The housing market is in a “meltdown”. Ironically, the US Federal Reserve’s mission to dampen inflation by raising interest rates could inadvertently further depress housing construction over the long term.

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced Postage stamp sized sticker that captures ultrasound images internal muscle and organ activity, which could be used by pregnant women to monitor fetal activity, by athletes to monitor their heart and muscle recovery, and more.

Private jets, mega-mansions, designer clothes and… taking out the trash? forbes took a look at everyday life 65 of the richest people in the world and found their routines to look a lot more average than you would expect.

Today’s must read

Backup Plan: How Generac Thrives Amid Power Outages and Natural Disasters

Dissatisfied with an 80% market share in the home generator business, CEO Aaron Jagdfeld has big ideas for home microgrids.

In case you missed it

A strike by 20,000 ground workers did “enormous damage” to European airline Lufthansa by forcing it to cancel upwards 1,000 flights in the recent onslaught of problems plaguing the ailing aviation sector.

Tips you can trust

  • Independence tends to kick in during recessions, when companies cut jobs and scale back hiring. If you’re concerned that a recession – yet to be officially declared – could doom your position, or are otherwise interested in starting your own business, here’s how to make the transition smooth.
  • If self-employment is not your thing but worries you the economy impact on occupational safety still keep you up at night, here are five tips for job seekers and prospective job seekers to keep in mind in a slowing economy.

Must watch video

Meta loses $2.8 billion on its Metaverse bet

Meta posted the big loss in its Reality Labs division, which includes the augmented and virtual reality operations dubbed “Metaverse.” Facebook’s parent company expects the division’s revenue to fall in the third quarter and meanwhile faces a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission seeking to monopolize the world of virtual reality.

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