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Longing for a getaway but concerned about your budget? Travel expenses can add up whether you’re taking a road trip to one tiny cabinVisit to a picturesque campsiteon the beach or take a trip to your favorite placeEuropean city. Food, accommodation, gas and/or flights can cost one, two or even three months’ rent. Don’t worry – here’s how to cut the cost of your next summer vacation so you can reap the benefits of a budget-friendly, debt-free trip. Good Trip!


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stay free

There are a few ways you can get free accommodation, as long as you are flexible about where you want to go. I recently got one Home exchange a la The holidays that was awesome and free! My exchange partner stayed at my home in Sonoma, California, and I stayed at her home in Brentwood, LA for Thanksgiving (a vacation week no less). Try sites like for domestic and international exchanges or score a complimentary guest room or sofa couchsurfing or

work for your stay

This is really fun work if you’re into it. Become a pet or house sitter Trusted house sitters. Or better yet, become an organic farmer! WWOFF connects you with international organic farmers who are looking for a helping hand. In return, you get cheap travel accommodation and a pretty cool experience on your travels. You can also apply as an ASummer Au Pair if you are traveling alone, like children, and can take your time.

stay longer

With more workers maintaining remote status, the post-pandemic trend is to rent a 30-day spot sometimes cheaper than a weekly spot. And now Airbnb is thereShared stays where to travel, say all summer, with multiple locations during your stay.

Stay in a hostel

Stay in hostels around the world for as little as $10 a night. Some offer private rooms or you can opt for shared rooms for a lower price. Check out sites like hostels or HostelBookers.


Enjoy the great outdoors at campsites (or glampsites). Cash campsite and hip campthat lets you camp on cool private properties.

Look for free accommodation benefits

Try to book a hotel with perks like free continental breakfast, happy hour, kitchenettes, or laundry service so you can save on dining and/or expensestravel easier (no baggage inspection fees!).

get there

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air travel

Earn miles by credit card (see The Points Guy’s credit card tips and travel hacks) for free airline flights. Use the card to shop for groceries and everyday expenses you would spend anyway to earn miles (and pay out every month to avoid interest).

Try apps like funnelwhich allows you to set up alerts for destinations and predict when prices will change and let you know whether to ‘wait’ or ‘buy now’. Google flights and kayak can send you various price alerts for your potential travel destinations and websites price line or Expedia will scour the internet for the best travel deals. You can also log in Scott’s cheap flights to receive an email summary of the cheapest flights from your location – as long as you can book on the fly you might be able to score a super cheap deal.

On road

Connect with other drivers who have extra seats and are on the way BlaBlaCar. You can also rent a car from locals via tower for cheaper than a conventional car rental. Outdoors connects you to RVs, RVs, and RVs for your next roadside adventure.

attractions + food

enjoy art museum

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Wherever you go, make sure to visit the local visitor center to get discounts on attractions, especially if you’re a student, teacher, or under the age of 26. Plan your trip around free museum days, free outdoor events and festivals, and other attractions. If you plan to visit a lot, get a city tourism card, which may give you discounted or free entry to top attractions and museums, as well as free travel on public transport.

Also check out bus travel, which can be a fun local experience and a great way to see the city on a budget. Connect with locals viaAirbnb Experiencesfor affordable and unique local activities or dine at eat with, where locals invite you to a home-cooked meal. Visiting the local grocery store is an attraction in itself and can save you a lot of money. Local sweets and durable goods make great inexpensive souvenirs and travel gifts!

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Do you have friends in cool places? Also contact them for swap meets, short stays and free/cheap things to do. Find a way out that is good for your soul and your wallet. Enjoy!

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