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Kennedy has grilled Wray over Thibault’s alleged partisan actions on social media in recent years, such as: Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) that her father — former Vice President Dick Cheney — was a “disgrace.” Kennedy also mentioned Thibault’s retweet of a Contribution to the Lincoln Project He said, “Donald Trump is a broken, embittered and deeply unhappy man.”

Kennedy then pressed Wray on allegations that Thibault — who Kennedy said had worked on both the investigation into Trump-Russia ties and the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden — “covered up derogatory information about Mr. Biden while he worked at the FBI “.

Wray gave similar responses to Kennedy’s questions about both the social media posts and the information cover-up, saying he’s seen “descriptions to that effect” but wants to be “careful” not to meddle in ongoing personnel matters. However, he did admit to finding the allegations over the social media posts “troubling”.

“I should say, when I read the letter that describes the sort of things you’re talking about, I found it deeply disturbing,” he told Kennedy.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) first sounded the alarm about Thibault’s suspected partisan actions in May, demanding that the Justice Department and the FBI investigate whether the agent’s social media posts violated department guidelines. Grassley sent a second letter to the Justice Department and the FBI in late July, saying he had received “highly credible” whistleblower reports alleging Thibault had negative information he shared about Joe Biden’s son during the 2020 election received, downplayed or discredited.

Wray did not definitively confirm or deny the allegations against Thibault on Thursday and appeared to be trying to maintain his ability to act as an impartial decision-maker on potential disciplinary action against the agent. However, the FBI director emphasized that the actions described by Kennedy were “not representative of the FBI.”

“It’s my firm belief, and I’ve consistently communicated since I started directing, that our people need to make sure they’re not just doing the right thing, they’re doing it the right way, and that they avoid even the appearances from bias or lack of objectivity,” Wray said.

Kennedy said he agreed with Wray’s statement that the majority of FBI employees have “tremendous integrity and objectivity,” but stressed that the Thibault situation only tarnished the FBI’s image and needed to be addressed with the public.

“You guys are killing yourselves with this stuff,” Kennedy said. “And this investigation must be completed with this gentleman and the results reported to the American people.”

Wray seemed to express doubts that Thibault has been working on Hunter Biden-related issues lately. The FBI chief said the investigation, which reportedly focuses on tax issues and potential foreign influence related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings, is being conducted by the Bureau’s Baltimore field office, which deals with Delaware-related matters.

The Biden administration has allowed Trump’s appointment as US Attorney for Delaware, David Weiss, to go ahead to complete the investigation into the president’s son.

Hunter Biden denied any wrongdoing in his tax affairs in a December 2020 statement. Biden’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the allegations.

“I take this matter very seriously, but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will show that I have managed my affairs lawfully and appropriately, including with the assistance of professional accountants,” he said.

At the beginning of the hearing, Wray appeared to indirectly address claims that the FBI helped downplay or suppress information about Hunter Biden’s business dealings during the 2020 election season by classifying it as Russian disinformation.

The FBI Director pointed out that it is not his agency’s job to attempt to validate or verify the claims in such situations, but only to alert US officials, corporations or individuals that foreign powers are trying to to take advantage of the situation.

“Sometimes that gets lost in a lot of public comment. We don’t investigate whether information we see is true or false,” Wray said. “Our focus in the area of ​​malign foreign influences is whether there is a foreign adversary spreading the information.”

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