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If you haven’t read part 1 of our camping series yet, you can do so here.

After two trips to Clear Lake Campgrounds and with the help of multiple Amazon orders and a trip to Costco, we felt more than prepared for our next camping trip. I daresay we even felt a little cocky when we pulled into Pine Acres Resort in Blue Lakes. The warden offered to help us back to our campsite. “No, we did,” I smiled confidently as I helped David look back into our room like the pro he had already proven himself to be.

David has provided us with all our new gadgets. We had the water filter, surge protector, and trailer leveling blocks. He even packed a bubble level to make sure we were exactly level. No more dishwater draining off the counter and cabinets stay open! Next came the color coordinated rug (grey and white like our caravan), matching camp chairs and a tablecloth. Yes, I forgot to mention that I forgot a tablecloth on our previous two camping trips. We had to endure nature and all its droppings while we ate dinner. Sure, we cleaned it up, but there’s nothing quite like the psychological battle over what came before. But not this time! There was nothing we forgot. With towels in hand, we eagerly made our way to the beach. It was the perfect afternoon at the lake. A warm breeze blew off the water, reminding us that we were still in the heat of the day, making Sapphire Lake all the more inviting. Then suddenly our confidence dwindled.

To our right was a black and white monster of an RV. I mean, if I were God and I chose to camp, I would choose that for camping. It was heaven on wheels. It radiated coolness. I stared. I couldn’t help it. An entire page of the RV was an excerpt. yes the whole page “You know,” David said, just as intrigued as I am, “I think this RV is bigger than our first place when we got married.”

“And I bet it’s much nicer inside, too,” I mused. Hidden in the bushes next to an RV’s black-and-white mansion was its neighbor, maybe not as new anymore but definitely the same in scope. Yes, the camper envy had reappeared. I looked gloomily back at our twenty-foot house on wheels. “Well, there’s a lot less that can go wrong with our trailer,” I smiled. David nodded in agreement. We both knew that camper envy had a life of its own and had changed again.

Here’s a small portion of what you can expect at Pine Acres Resort:

There’s camping for everyone at Pine Grove Campground. The RV closest to us had a pitched tent next to it for the kids to experience. If you don’t have a camper, trailer or trailer, don’t worry. There are houses and cabanas that you can rent.

For those who enjoy fishing, there is more than enough space on the dock next to the jetty if you don’t bring your boat.

In the middle of the campsite is the party headquarters. Whether you book the roundhouse and host your party or like to mingle with your neighbors, there’s always a party on the lawn. With multiple BBQs and picnic tables, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Pine Acres is also open during the day depending on how busy it is. So if you just want to enjoy it for the day, you can. Call ahead to ensure day use is available.

Blue Lakes is ideal for swimmers and those who enjoy kayaking or canoeing as there is a 5 mph speed limit on the water. Speaking of water, Blue Lakes consistently boasts the coolest, clearest waters in the county. After your swim, relax on the sandy beach and mingle with other campers because like I said, it’s always a party.

Pine Acres is just off Highway 20, making it the easiest access to Lake County. It is ideal for transporting a caravan or camper. If you’re a Lake County resident, book your nights and commute or use the WiFi and work from home. It’s a great way to end your day and enjoy a less crowded resort.

Two days later, the inevitable happened. It was time to go. Our newest neighbor and owner of another mammoth motorhome came up to say goodbye. “That’s a nice looking caravan,” he smiled. “How long is it?” We learn; this seems to be one of the most common questions in the RV camping world. I admit it took me a while to get used to it.

“It’s twenty-one feet,” I reply, noticing how tiny we are next to his RV, not to mention his twelve-foot slide.

“It’s a great size,” he confirmed. You can take that thing with you anywhere,” his eyes lit up. Did I see a little envy? “I mean, that’s great,” he pointed to his RV, but I can’t take it everywhere,” he smiled.

β€œYes, that’s one of the reasons we bought it. It has high ground clearance so we can tow it to all our favorite spots,” I confirmed.

“You made the right decision. You will not regret it!” He waved before leaving. I smiled; I couldn’t help it. I approached our RV with a little pride. Now that I think about it, yes we made the right decision.

Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort

5328 Blue Lakes Rd, Upper Lake, CA 95485

(707) 275-2811

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