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Generators used to be loud, smelly, and gas-powered, and unless you were living a survivalist lifestyle in a cabin in the woods, you probably didn’t need much. However, in times of renewable energy, we are reconsidering the idea of ​​generators. Solar generators (aka portable power stations or portable power banks) seem to be everywhere now. No wonder: they are smaller, quieter and more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. They’re also clean enough to run indoors and can be charged indefinitely given enough sunlight. Plus, in our tech-hungry world, almost everyone has a use for them. For campers in particular, packing a portable gym is just as important as packing a tent, hiking backpack, and some decent s’mores gear.

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If you are reading this, you may already be buying solar generators. So by now you know that comparing options without a PhD seems impossible. in electrical engineering. The long list of techno jargon – things like “MPPT charge controllers”, “lithium iron phosphate cores” and “monocrystalline cells” – doesn’t help either. So we looked at the best options to find those best of the best solar generators for camping in 2022. (Pro tip: Despite the name, solar generators aren’t really to generate Electricity; they just save it. You’ll also need a portable solar panel to charge your on the go.)

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Best solar generator overall

Portable power station Explorer 500 solar generator

Best Price Solar Generator

300W portable power station

Best solar generator for overlanding

Yeti 1500X Portable Power Plant

Best for RVs

AC200MAX Portable Power Station

Best for 12V portable devices

Portable lithium battery PLB40

1000W/1280Wh portable power station

Delta mini portable gym

HomePower ONE: backup battery power station

500W portable power station

535 Portable Power Plant

As we tested

In today’s modern era, having power is more important than ever – especially when you’re out in the wild. To find the best solar generators for camping, our editors researched, tested, and hand-picked these 10 generators from dozens of options on the market. When testing, we considered everything from size and weight (which may affect your load when camping) to power capacity. We also paid attention to the overall design, user experience and of course the price. The above options made our list of the best solar generators to buy in 2022.

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