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Warning: Full spoilers for Prey follow. Want to know if there’s an end credits scene? We’ll tell you right here. there somehow is. Read on for all these details.

If it bleeds, we can kill it. Hulu’s Prey acquires The Predator path back in time when one of the galaxy’s greatest hunters faced off against Comanche warriors in the 17th century. New time period, same deadly Predator pursuing the most challenging hunt it can find. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, Prey tells the story of the Predator species’ first hunt on Earth. And we’re here to break down the ending and dive into the Easter Eggs we uncovered throughout this epic adventure!

The ending of the Prey movie explained

It’s 1719 on the Northern Great Plains, and a Predator is dropped here on Earth to find and hunt down the planet’s largest predator – you know, pretty standard Predator-esque stuff.

And indeed, the underlying story in Prey is also fairly standard Predator-style in a good way – a ferocious human warrior uses his wits and environment to hunt down and kill a deadly alien warrior whose only purpose is there to be hunt and kill. As we have already mentioned in full booty rating, the film takes Predator back to its roots. It’s all about the hunt.

Our main character is Naru (played by Amber Midthunder), a Comanche warrior and hunter whose family seems to think she should leave the hunt to the boys. As our heroine, she is the one who gradually finds out that there is something out there in the forest that could very well be hunting her tribe. She’s also the one who eventually figures out how to do it hit the Predator, and it’s a type of orange blossom that, when consumed, can lower a person’s body temperature to the point where it won’t be detected by the Predator’s thermal image.

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The final fight begins when Naru and her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) both attack the Predator. Taabe holds its own for a while, but you know these Predator fights are all fun and games until someone gets gored. And that’s exactly what happens.

After a short escape, Naru prepares for the final confrontation by eating a bouquet of flowers while using a trapper as bait to lure in the Predator. This allows Naru to use a special pistol (more on that pistol below) to install a lunar canopy in the back of the alien’s head. She then steals the Predator’s helmet, which is different from the helmets we’ve seen from Predators in the past, but it helps with aiming his ranged missiles.

As the alien chases them down (the lunar roof wasn’t enough), Naru attacks from above, further wounding him. She eventually drives it into the swamp, slowing it down long enough for Naru to prepare the killing blow, using the Bone Helm to redirect the alien’s aimed projectile bolts so they land in its own forehead.

Just like in other installments of the Predator franchise, the victorious hunter must figure out how alien technology works and how to find ways to defeat them. That precedent was set way back in Predator 1, and Naru’s plan mirrors what Dutch is doing in this movie that’s in This The future of film. I have it?

However, it’s all about those orange flowers. Apparently they allowed Naru to do the same thing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutchman does in Predator 1 when he covers himself in mud to lower his body temperature and dodge the Predator scanner and sight.

Finally, after defeating the Predator, Naru decapitates its head and carries it back to her village. Hailed as a warrior, she warns her people of the dangers posed by both the alien and the trappers she encountered.

Prey End Credits Scene

During the first credits, an animated replay of the events of the film unfolds. It’s really cool, but the last thing we see is a shot of the Predator ships emerging from a cluster of clouds… just above the Comanche tribe camp. Does this mean that Naru and her people are doomed after all? Or maybe just a sequel featuring these characters could be in the works? We will see!

Loot Easter Eggs

There were two major references to previous Predator films that we singled out in Prey.

The first is a reference to one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous lines from the first film, when the same line is said by Taabe: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

And of course, the other big one is a nod to Predator 2. It’s that pistol that Naru throws at the Elders…after he’s also thrown the Predator’s head. It’s the same gun with the same inscription that Danny Glover gets 300 years later as a prize for killing his own Predator. Well, that means Predators must have returned to Earth at some point to get this weapon, so… Funny Easter Egg? You bet. Bad news for Naru and her tribe? Big time.

What do you think of Prey? What other time periods would you like to revisit the Predator franchise next? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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