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The end of May unofficially marks the start of summer in the US, and that means more time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re a kayaker, rock climber, BBQ enthusiast, or someone who just loves to sit in a camp chair and bask in the sun, these Memorial Day specials have something for you.

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WIRED’s Memorial Day Deals coverage

Updated May 30, 2022: We removed expired offers and added new ones, like the Wacaco Picopresso and REI Stuff Sacks.

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Grill and stove offerings

BioLite fireplace

Photo: BioLite

This is one of our most popular portable grills. Part grill, part fire pit, the BioLite has a built-in rechargeable battery that doubles as a phone charger in a pinch. It burns wood and charcoal and packs up surprisingly small if you want to toss it in the trunk and go.

The ranger is the Yukon’s smaller, more portable sibling that we reviewed and liked. It’s a great little smoke free fire pit. If you don’t want the more travel-friendly Ranger, the Yukon is also on sale for $400 ($350 off).

I really like this solid, straight cast aluminum grill from PK Grills. While it doesn’t have the expandability of the Weber kettle, it grills well, smokes well and looks good. This is a small discount, but we’ve never seen the price go much lower.

ignite Eureka

Photo: REI

This one used to be in our Best Camp Stoves Guide but it wasn’t available for most of the last year so we removed it. Here it is again on sale at REI. It’s a solid two-burner stove, but what sets it apart is the ability to connect a Jet Boil stove and use it as a third burner.

This Cuisinart can do double duty in the garden or on the picnic table on your summer camping trip. We haven’t tested this particular model, but we like some of Cuisinart’s other grills so much that we have no hesitation in recommending this one. For more options, check out our guide to the best portable grills.

Camping and hiking offers

MSR Custom

Photo: MSR

We tested the 4-person version of this three-season tent from MSR and loved it. If you need more space, this 6 person tent is for you. Don’t be put off by the weight; We traveled with the 4 person backpack and split the weight between two people and it’s not bad.

Nemo’s new Aurora Highrise hasn’t made it to our gear lab for testing yet, but Nemo makes some of the best small, lightweight tents on the market, so we’ve had no trouble getting this massive 6-person nylon lock, weighing 13 pounds recommended. You can find other large and (relatively) light tents in our tent guide.

You can never have too many dry bags, grab a few extra ones while they’re cheap. REI also discounted their 3-pack for $14 ($5 off).

Deuter Trail 26 liter pack

Photo: Hinterland

Deuter’s are some of the best made backpacks out there. I’ve had a similar daypack for five years and it’s still the most comfortable daypack I’ve ever owned, thanks to what Deuter calls the mesh Aircontact system. It allows good airflow against your back, helping you stay cool on hot days.

Slightly larger than the Trail, the Futura 28 is perfect for longer day hikes, cabin trips, or as carry-on luggage. We didn’t test this one, but like the Trail, it features Deuter’s mesh back system, which should give you the same back comfort and ventilation.

Our favorite barefoot shoes are on sale at REI. The women’s sizes are also available at the same price. These shoes inspired me to write an entire essay on barefoot shoes. Seriously, try them!

NeoAir XLite sleeping pad

Photo: Hinterland

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir sleeping pad packs so small that I kept losing it in my backpack, but that’s a good issue. Regular size is 72 x 20 inches, weighs just 1 pound and offers an R-value of 4 to help you stay warm on chilly nights.

This is a solid pack for week-long trips (or longer if you’re committed to the ultralight ethos). In my testing, I stuffed the bottom of my sleeping bag with a few pieces of clothing and then stuffed it into a Bear Vault 500 that just fitted. Attach your tent poles to the outside and you’re ready to hit the trail for a few weeks.

The Tempest is a slightly smaller version of the Talon. It’s a great weekend pack, but you can use the side compression straps and strap it on for a day hike if you don’t need that much space.

Photo: Kelty

I am in the process of testing Kelty’s tarpaulin tent and what I can say so far is that the 9ft version holds up well in 20-30mph winds on the beach which is impressive. If you plan on using it in a treeless area like the beach, be sure to get the poles, which are sold separately (though they seem to be sold out everywhere at the moment).

This headlamp is indestructible. I (Scott Gilbertson) have had mine for over 20 years now. Although I’ve had to replace the strap once during that time, it’s otherwise working just as well as it did the day I bought it. Grab a few rechargeable AAA batteries and you’ll have light for years to come.

The Rainier is our most popular affordable choice in our guide to the best rain jackets. It uses a premium laminate finish rather than the less expensive coating that many cheaper rain jackets rely on, meaning it lasts longer and sheds water better. It’s made from recycled nylon, has ventilation zips, and taped seams—all features rarely found on a rain jacket under $100.

Kelty loveseat

Photo: Kelty

I think WIRED co-editor Adrienne So summed up this chair well when she said, “To be honest, it’s huge, heavy, takes up a lot of space, and awkwardly folds. But it’s all worth it when you stuff everyone you love on it in front of a fire.”

We haven’t tested this one, but we like several other Nemo chairs that are very similar. This one just adds the ability to sit back for observing the night sky.

Cheap camp cookware is the worst. On my last trip, I dropped an enamel plate and the enamel coating shattered right on the rim. I vowed to buy indestructible metal plates next time. That’s exactly what these Snow Peak Titanium Plates are, and as an added bonus, they’re lightweight and perfect for backpacking too.

Add the picopresso to your cart to see the discount at checkout. If you’re the guy needs To have a good espresso on the go, the Picopresso is our most popular portable espresso machine. It’s compact and light, produces a nice crema and is consistently good. Just don’t forget to bring a hand coffee grinder (and great fresh coffee).

climbing offers

Both EMS and REI sell climbing equipment. It’s too much to list everything here, so we’ve picked just a few highlights. For more information, see the EMS Climbing Offers page and the REI Climbing Offers page. Oh, and read our Best Rock Climbing Gear guide for more advice.

Photo: La Sportiva

This is an update of the classic La Sportiva Mythos climbing shoe, now made with eco-friendly materials. Note that only sizes 41-44 are on sale.

Who doesn’t need a new chalk bag? Keep an extra in your glove box, as Alex Hannold probably does. Black Diamond’s Mojo chalk bag is well made and can withstand a lot of climbing, even if it’s not about free solo big walls in the valley.

Every climber needs more cameras, and who wants to pay full price? These vary in price by size, but they’re all 25 percent cheaper at REI.

Protect your noggin with one of these helmets. Black Diamond’s Half Dome helmets are made for everything from a day at the cliffs to an alpine expedition.

Kayak and stand-up paddleboarding offerings

Photo: Bote

This is the best I’ve tested this year. It’s hard to quantify exactly what’s so great about it in 50 words. Let’s just say it makes the water a joy and opens up a whole new horizon of paddling opportunities, whether you’re on the lake or the bay or even the surf. The Breeze Aero is stable, beginner-friendly and packs small enough to fit in your trunk.

Pulling out this inflatable kayak is a great place to start if you want to find fishing holes no one else knows about. It’s well done (yet inflatable but watch out for hooks and knives) and can be stowed in the back seat.

Oru’s foldable kayaks are another option for those of us who don’t have space to store and transport boats. It’s by no means a whitewater kayak, but it weighs just 32 pounds, packs small, and folds up in minutes.

Retailer sales pages

There are far more outdoor offers than we can list in a guide. To explore on your own, use these links to our favorite sales sites.

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