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Have a passionate party with a portable battery powered camping fan that’s perfectly designed to beat the summer heat

LOS ANGELES, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The sun and summer heat continue this summer. JISULIFE 2022 cool summer party will end August 7th, which offer different solutions to face the summer heat. JISULIFES FA37 4-IN-1 Convertible Outdoor Fan (Multifunctional Fan)new release in early June, is one of the ways to keep campers cool this scorching summer.

JISULIFE & YouTuber “Primal Outdoors – Camping and Overlanding”

As they said, it’s unlimited, unlimited and easy for all scenarios.

“There were so many times that I would have liked to have had that. Especially when we were camping, stranded on the side of the road after blowing out a tire, and stopped at a hotel with a broken air conditioner.” — Colleen.travels , a travel blogger on Instagram.

Designed as a practical and versatile outdoor fan, FA37 4-IN-1 convertible outdoor fan can be a floor fan, a table fan, a ceiling fan or even a camping lantern with switching different modes.

JISULIFE-FA37 4-IN-1 Convertible Outdoor Fan for Camping
JISULIFE-FA37 4-IN-1 Convertible Outdoor Fan for Camping

It is easy to control with portable size design and wireless control, and multifunctional with the external light.

“The remote control and the light are two additional features that I really like. It can also be expanded to 28.8 inches and used as a floor fan. If you’re looking to cool down and still enjoy the great outdoors, this fan is definitely for you! Just in time for the heat of summer”–Karlie Stroupa fashion blogger who loves to travel.

The FA37 is easy to hold in one hand with a weight of just 39.3 ounces and a small footprint (9.1L x 4.4W x 9.1H inches for fans only). It is also a 180° adjustable, supportable and foldable fan that allows users to enjoy the airflow from different angles. With the detachable wireless remote control, you can control 4 wind speeds, timer shutdown and ambient lighting anywhere (max. 10m). With 2 brightness settings, users can also have a cool party and escape from the darkness at night by pressing the light button.

It’s battery operated, cools up to 26 hours and is built to be safe and convenient.

FA37 is built with a rechargeable 8000mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 26 hours of cooling time on just one charge. The reassuring battery technologies protect you by preventing overload, over current, short circuit, over temperature, over charge and deep discharge. Consumers can enjoy outdoor activities and exploration without the risk of battery accidents.

4 different wind speed settings and timer shut-off function.

“It has multiple adjustable fan speeds and let me tell you, this fan is powerful at the highest speed! We even tested how far you can feel the breeze – up to 10 feet away!” said Viviane, a lifestyle blogger on Instagram.

FA37 offers different cooling experiences with four modes: Low-level, Middle-level, High-level and Natural modes wherever users are.

The cool summer party of JISULIFE 2022 ends on August 7th. Visit the promotions page for more limited-time surprises and details.

JISULIFE--pioneer brand focusing on innovative portable fans
JISULIFE–pioneer brand focusing on innovative portable fans

established in 2016, JISULIFE is a solution provider focused on creative and sustainable personal space gadgets. Aiming to improve airflow around every consumer indoors and outdoors, they have created portable electronic products that fit every scene every day.

“Everything we do is based on your needs. Our team is always passionate about creating more interesting gadgets for your personal space,” they said. In the past 6 years, JISULIFE focused on technical innovation and design iteration for portable fan. And they have already served over 10 million customers worldwide and distributed their business to more than 40 countries via cross-border e-commerce.

For more information, see their Official site and Cool summer party side.
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