RV, primitive camping, glamping can be found in or near Topeka – The Topeka Capital-Journal | Gmx Pharm

Attractions in and around Topeka this summer include bare-bones campgrounds where participants strive to leave no trace, cabins with enough beds for large families, and luxury RVs that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Campgrounds and RV parks often have inviting swimming pools, playgrounds, and recreation areas. Bathrooms are in many ways as beautiful as those found in hotels.

Roughing has evolved into a variety of experiences. And it’s growing in popularity.

Emporian Brian Muench, camping at Lake Shawnee Campground, is traveling with a camper in a Sun Lite trailer. In the back of his truck, he carries two mountain bikes (just for show, he said) and canoes that he and his wife can use to hit the water.

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