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The sun can affect your eyes if you don’t wear sunglasses, but for outdoor adventures you need quality sunglasses.

Buying a pair of sunglasses doesn’t usually require much thought—hell, we’ve all bought a pair at a gas station on a sunny drive, right? While we’re usually big fans of cheap sunglasses, investing in a quality pair is important if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Wearing $10 aviator goggles to an outdoor festival is one thing, but anglers, hikers, and cyclists need a well-made pair that will protect their eyes, reduce sunspot, and keep things 100% visible when working outdoors or play. We’ve rounded up some of the best women’s sunglasses for outdoor activities – so before you take non-polarized sunglasses with you on your next fishing trip, consider our curated recommendations.

These sunglasses are designed to combat annoyances such as glare, dirt and other disturbances that can temporarily obscure your vision and irritate your eyes. After all, anyone who is out and about on rough terrain or works with sharp tools needs to see everything around them perfectly. These sunglasses also protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays: after all, sun damage can lead to poor vision over time and even health problems later on. We’re not just talking about sunny, hot days either: you also need good sunglasses if you live in cold, snowy climates or if you practice winter sports. Sun reflecting off freshly packed snow can seriously affect your vision. If you’ve never been a huge sunglass fanatic, or have worn the same pair for years that you bought from a kiosk in a mall, it’s time for a change. We’ve even made sure a pair is prescription-only, just in case you don’t get contact lenses anytime soon. Choose the best sunglasses for your favorite outdoor activity and take good care of them. You will not regret the purchase.

1. Our top pick for hiking

sun ski

Treeline Navy Silver-Sunski, $89

Sunski makes sunglasses meant for exploring the great outdoors: they’re made from recycled materials, come with a lifetime guarantee and are affordable too. We’re fans of other styles like the trendy Dipsea and the classic yet modern Ventana, but the Treeline reigns supreme due to some specs you can’t find on many other brands. They have polarized lenses with additional detachable sun visors, which are handy for protecting your eyes from dirt such as dust or sand. They also protect your eyes from the sun and wind, which can cause dry or irritated eyes. These sunglasses filter 90% of sunlight, giving hikers total clarity. With a clear view and protection from anything that comes your way, you’ll feel confident about reaching new heights. The lightweight frames are also super stylish. You will get lots of compliments!

2. The best winter sunglasses

sunglasses snow

sun ski

Tera Stone Alpenglow – Sunski, $89

Sunski’s polarized lenses are designed to reduce harsh glare – which usually happens in snow or on the water – so we thought these were best suited for wintry conditions like snowboarding. They’re also far more attractive than your typical winter goggles or sunglasses, and are made from super-lightweight, recycled materials. These also have removable side shields that are easy to put on and take off with magnets. Consider gifting this to your favorite ski instructor or partner who will take on the task of clearing snow from the driveway.

3. The best sunglasses for fishing and boating


Costa del Mar

Water Woman – Costa Del Mar, $284

Blue mirror lenses are very helpful in full sun situations on open water and at sea. If you plan on boating or deep sea fishing anytime soon, you need a pair of Costas – especially the Waterwoman sunglasses. These are expensive, but trust us: these are some of the best women’s sunglasses if you fish often. They filter out harsh yellows and boost reds, greens and blues for a clear view of the water. They’re impact and scratch resistant, so these lightweight frames can withstand a minor fall unscathed. However, you should use the included carrying case and cleaning cloth to keep it in pristine condition. A big advantage is that these can also be ordered with a prescription. One enthusiastic reviewer writes, “They block the bright FL sun rays and don’t slip off my face when I’m either on the water or walking my dog… The visibility is crystal clear and I don’t know how I’ve lived without these.” !”

4. The best sunglasses for a road trip

JOY RIDE polarized classic sunglasses

Maui Jim

Joy Ride – Maui Jim, $294

Take a spin with Maui Jim’s premier driving sunglasses. The Joy Ride sunglasses have polarized lenses that enhance colors with a warm tint, making them great driving sunglasses on warm, sunny days. Gone are the days of being blinded by the sun, especially at sunset. They’re also shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the lens popping out if they take a quick drop. Maui Jim is proud of the design of this model – the frame was inspired by the pandanus leaf (used for weaving in crafts). Looks are everything to Maui Jim, both fashion and looks, and this is a pair you’ll love.

5. The best sunglasses for cycling


Bevi Polarized Cycling Glasses – Amazon, $23.95

These lightweight, thermoplastic sunglasses from Bevi are flexible and comfortable – and polarized to reduce glare and ensure clear vision when cycling on the road, on a trail or in the mountains. They block both UVA and UVB sun rays, eliminate reflected light and stray light and ensure color fidelity. You can use them for all kinds of outdoor activities, but one cyclist wrote: “Great for riding bicycle on the ways! Sturdy and never moves off my face!”


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