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Snuggling up around the campfire and enjoying a hot and hearty barbecue is one of the many joys of camping. To help you enjoy a delicious grilled dinner after a day of camping fun, we’ve rounded up nine of the best camping BBQs.

When purchasing your camping grill, it pays to think about your group size; the type of food you want to grill; how to transport your camping grill (distance to the car etc.) and whether you prefer to cook with gas or charcoal.

With this in mind, we have put together nine camping grills with different weights, functions and price ranges so that you can find a suitable grill for your preferred camping kitchen. All of the camping grills in our list are raised so they don’t scorch the ground. So put the rice in the cooking bag aside and upgrade your camping cooking experience!

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The best camping grills for 2022

Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill

For a compact camping grill that won’t weigh you down, try this model from Snow Peak. The ingenious collapsible contraption can be taken apart and laid flat like flat-pack furniture. There’s even a handy carrying case. So if you have a short hike between the car and the campsite, this camping grill should be light enough to carry, just throw it over your shoulder. The model is made of stainless steel and you can use newspaper and kindling to start your fire.

After your meal, remove the grill bridge and enjoy an open campfire – perfect for toasting marshmallows.

Buy the Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill now on Amazon (RRP £343)

Primus Kuchoma Portable Gas Camping Grill

Primus camping grill

A stylish camping gas grill that folds into a neat briefcase design for easy portability. This Primus design is all about making your cooking experience as straightforward as possible. Connect your gas cartridge and press the ignition button to get started. The cleaning process should also be fairly easy as there is a removable non-stick ceramic cooking grate. You can even pop it in the dishwasher when you get home, ready for your next camping adventure.

In terms of looks, it’s essentially a shrunken grill you would have for your backyard. The foldable legs allow you to place this design on a table, eliminating the need to bend down to turn your steaks.

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