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Movie night in the backyard


Is there anything better than watching your favorite stars under the stars? While the drive-in movie theater experience comes to mind, it’s possible to have just as much fun watching movies in the backyard. And to throw the ultimate backyard movie night, all it takes is a little planning, the right gear, and a blockbuster movie.

If you want to make the most of a weekend night without going to town, the following tips will turn a boring backyard into a star-studded premiere, complete with snacks and a smile. From finding the right projection screen location to keeping bugs out, the following guide will help you plan a DIY backyard movie night to last.

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Essential gear for backyard movies

Movie night in the backyard


Having the right gear for a movie night makes all the difference. After all, luxury and comfort should be brought outside and not left behind. Here are some articles to support your backyard movie night ideas:

Setting up the screen and seating area

Movie night in the backyard


Setting up the screen is arguably the most important part of the night. Choose a spot for an outdoor movie projector that won’t be washed out by streetlights, but also one that has plenty of room for seating in front of it. Also try to be polite to the neighbors as they might not be as into Tarantino films as you are – some of those outdoor projectors show every gory detail in 4K.

Also remember that the screen needs to be close enough to the house for the projector to cast video onto the screen and receive WiFi from the house. This is especially true if you are using a media streaming device.

Set up a nice seating area in front of the screen. Lay down a blanket first, then arrange chairs around the back of the blanket so people in front don’t obstruct the view, almost like an outdoor movie theater. Make sure the view of the screen is good from every seat as well.

How to stay warm on cold nights

Movie night in the backyard


Once the sun goes down, the mercury won’t be far away. While a campfire might work for some backyard soirees, the smoke and flames won’t cut it when people try to watch a Bogart Bergman classic. So what to do?

Of course, sweatshirts help, but don’t underestimate the value of a sturdy blanket. Hug some people over your shoulders and those brisk temperatures can be ignored. A few disposable hand warmers for guests can also go a long way in keeping them warm.

When temperatures really start to drop, it can be worth investing in an outdoor patio heater. Placing one of these heaters near the seating area can help keep everyone comfortable during a chilling thriller.

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Tips to keep bugs at bay

Movie night in the backyard


Hopefully the only bloodsuckers attending your backyard movie night are the vampires on screen, not the mosquitoes in the air. But don’t leave this to chance. Be proactive with the right gear.

First, consider using bug spray to keep these flying pests away. Also, set up an electric bug killer to lure them away from the seating area and possibly to their doom. Also, lighting a bug repellent candle can only help the case.

If the bugs are particularly bad, consider putting up a tent for a screen room. It might limit the available seating area, but the screen space can act as an effective barrier against those pesky mosquitoes and skeeters.

concession considerations

Movie night in the backyard


Everyone loves a snack during a good movie. And just because your outdoor movie night is taking place in the backyard and not in a movie theater or drive-in theater, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same goodies.

Make sure to pack the cooler full of ice and sodas, and since it’s your theater, any adult drinks you’d like. Instead of grabbing theater-sized candy bars, consider grabbing a few assortment bags of minibars for a little more choice.

Popcorn could be more difficult. Before you head outside, open a few bags and keep them closed so they retain some heat. Nachos can be a lot easier – just heat the cheese and spread with fries.

Finishing touches for the ultimate outdoor movie night

Movie night in the backyard


Give this backyard theater a few extra touches to take it over the top. For example, by connecting an outdoor speaker to the projector, you can create clean, clear sound for a more enjoyable experience.

Also place some fairy lights behind the seating area. These lights create a soft, warm ambiance while also providing some passing light (or to make sure the kids don’t steal your Junior Mints between scenes). Just make sure the strings of lights are set back far enough that they don’t create glare on the projection screen while Luke is mid-trench run.

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