8-year-old survives major heart surgery, climbs 14,000ft mountain – FOX 31 Denver | Gmx Pharm

OURAY COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Three years ago, Carson Zdankiewicz was about to celebrate his sixth birthday when a routine annual check-up at the doctor’s office changed his life forever. His blood pressure was alarmingly high for doctors and he was referred to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where he was told he had aortic stenosis. … Read more

Why Rail is the Best Choice for Green Transit – Barron’s | Gmx Pharm

About the author: Adam Bonnifield is Chief Executive Officer at KONUX. Imagine a true green transit future, the kind we need to slow, halt and eventually reverse the looming impacts of climate change. In this utopian vision, people and goods move quickly and seamlessly through and between cities without burning the fossil fuels. You might … Read more

AAA Sees Growth in International Travel Services – Drgnews | Gmx Pharm

AAA is seeing a sharp increase in the number of members requesting services related to international travel, including passport photos, international driver’s licenses and foreign currency, a strong indicator that outbound travel is recovering in line with the easing of COVID-related restrictions both domestically and internationally . In fact, a sample* of AAA retail locations … Read more

Verizon Study: 42% of Americans Say Reliable Wireless Service Makes Travel More Convenient – Verizon News | Gmx Pharm

NEW YORK – Summer is drawing to a close for some as kids return to school, but that’s not stopping Americans from travelling. According to a survey by Verizon and Material+, about 3 in 5 (58%) Americans plan to travel during the rest of the year. This travel trend isn’t just about vacations, as more … Read more

‘It’s going to smell pretty bad’ – State plans to chemically kill wagon train fish to eliminate unwanted species – Lincoln Journal Star | Gmx Pharm

The fish at Wagon Train Lake will no longer bite after Wednesday. They will float and then decompose. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is planning what it’s calling a chemical renovation of the Wagon Train — treating the lake with hundreds of gallons of pesticide to eliminate a trio of unwanted species that threaten … Read more

Astronomers plan to fish an interstellar meteorite out of the ocean with a massive magnet – Livescience.com | Gmx Pharm

Astronomers are planning a fishing trip to land an alien intruder on Earth: a small meteorite from another star system that slammed into the Pacific Ocean with an energy equivalent to about 121 tons (110 tons) of TNT. The Harvard University team is hoping to find fragments of this interstellar rock — known as CNEOS … Read more