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In August we will be faced with the unexpected – but this is good news as it will help reveal the most authentic parts of ourselves.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus move through fire sign Leo, which is usually a bright and fun time of year, but as each planet makes its way, they will have tense confrontations with change-maker Uranus and hell-bringer Mars in Taurus, as well as downer Saturn in Aquarius. These tense encounters in the cosmos reflect the conflicts we will find ourselves in, though they are meant to shake us out of patterns that just don’t work for us anymore. Breaking cycles is something we often talk about in terms of our behavior or relationships, but what does it really mean? Is it really possible to “break” a cycle, or instead find ways to elevate or transcend it to another manifestation – one that is less harmful, less difficult, or challenges us in a way that inspires and uplifts us ? The most important part of this process is being willing to change when the opportunity presents itself.

Travel often gives us the opportunity to change our surroundings and therefore our perception of things. Even dreaming or planning a vacation can help lift you into a realm of possibility — sometimes of the life-changing variety. May your travels this month transform you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Below is your travel horoscope for August 2022.

Astrologer’s Note: In the following we refer to your zodiac signs as “rising” zodiac signs, also known as ascendant signs. Horoscopes are more accurate when read this way – you can use your birth time and place Find your ascendant quickly online (it takes less than 30 seconds).

For most zodiac signs, your August 2022 horoscope represents a month of growth through travel.

Lin Chen

Aries rising

The feeling of being trapped is never fun, especially for someone like you who prefers to be on the go, mobile and action-oriented. The ever-growing sense of tension that began in July continues to build through the first three weeks of August, and it’s important that you find ways to relieve that pressure. First, acknowledge your frustration with unexpected changes that have hit you this season — whether it’s in your routine, your finances, or your relationships. Focusing on what’s coming can help you get through the next few weeks, and it’s a perfect time for you to get annoying while planning. Have you planned a trip with no itinerary or have you waited some time to go deep into research mode on where to go next? Astrology will help you get into the details of your next trip. Let it be a welcome distraction from uncomfortable feelings this month might bring. It also gives you something to look forward to.

Rising Bull

This month continues to put the spotlight on your home, family and personal life and encourages you to face difficult or uncomfortable situations. Sometimes there is a homecoming that will allow you to deepen your basics in order to properly orient yourself on the path you are on. When your focus shifts inward so much, you may feel the need to isolate yourself in your home — but if that feels too limiting, it’s important to acknowledge that you’re feeling trapped or cooped up, and remember that You can always find relief in retreat. If needed, use a weekend later in the month to go off the grid or find heat therapy. Saunas, hot springs, steam rooms, whatever allows you to sweat out what’s been building up all month could bring you great benefits.

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Rising Twins

You’re probably feeling ready to ditch Dodge and hit the streets this month, with escape being the name of your game. Of course, your problems won’t go away if you hop on a train or go on an impromptu road trip, but a change of scenery can help you shake the feeling that you’re stuck. The hard part is not overthinking when you’re feeling this way, but using your ability to gather facts and focus on details to guide you through challenges. Whether you’re able to get away or not, August is an excellent time to focus on your vacation plans. Start booking your winter holiday now, especially if you plan to travel abroad. Exercising control of future travel will feel good in the midst of a month of constant change, but do it sooner or later, before Mercury, your ruler, begins to slow and prepare for retrograde in early September – plans unfolding around the retrogression may not be honored.

Rising Cancer

The tides are changing in both your social life and your creative pursuits. This month you may find inspiration and satisfaction in exploring your local surroundings and in people and places that feel familiar and grounded. If you have siblings, cousins ​​or friends who are basically family, spending an entire Saturday with them might be just what you need during this stressful time. Try a local yoga or meditation class together and follow it up with some pampering – maybe a great meal and a little luxury (perhaps need a new suitcase or a great feel-good swimsuit to wear on an upcoming getaway?) . When Venus illuminates the part of your chart related to purchases and expenses, you can count on finding something that makes you feel fantastic. It’s also that time of year for big sales, so it’s perfect for snagging those special pieces you’ve been eyeing for months

Lin Chen

lion rises

Get out of the frying pan, into the fire, it’s going to be hot in August. Leo season is in full swing this month and everything feels like it’s non-stop. Life comes at you from all directions and you must do your best to stay centered and on course. Your close relationships in particular will be highlighted, and you will be invited to let go of harmful patterns in relationships and at work that just don’t work for you anymore. As temperatures cool later in the month, you’ll have a chance to catch your breath and refocus on what matters: you. What’s the best way to nourish yourself at the end of a wild summer? The part of your chart related to foreign travel is lit for the first half of 2023 and this month is a great time to start dreaming up that much-needed vacation away from home. Pick somewhere warm and fun, as you’ll probably want it to be a bit of an adventure. Preparing in advance to show off your wild side is a great use of your free time right now.

Virgo Ascending

It’s time to turn inward and refocus on your energy effort, your body, and your health – both mental and physical. It’s been a social summer and you deserve a moment to come back to yourself to rejuvenate and recalibrate. August is all about you. Whether you have been traveling for some time or are preparing for an upcoming journey, travel – near or far – holds a lot of transformative power for you this year. There’s something about being in transit that can really ground you mentally. Consider spending a weekend (or more) in solitude this month, whether it’s a solo camping trip, an extra-long hike, or a spa weekend. There is much to consider before embarking on your next journey: A new moon in Virgo at the end of the month highlights aspects of your identity that are ready to be transformed. Allow travel to support a new becoming as you continue to learn about yourself and broaden your horizons. you blossom

Libra rises

It’s time to blow off some steam and reconnect with the people who mean the most to you. A quick trip with your best friends might be more relaxing than you imagine – consider this permission (not that you need it) to prioritize fun, friends and good times this month. Of course you try to consider budget constraints, but if you and your staff pool your resources, you can make a fun time out of very little. Go all out somewhere in the desert or in the mountains and cook or grill together all weekend. An even more affordable option would be to throw a cookout at a nearby beach or park on a particularly nice late summer day. It might be difficult to make time for one another as a group these days, but this month you could all really use some time with people who understand you, support you and want the best for you.

The Rise of Scorpio

Everything seems to be changing and you’re just trying to hold on to your sun hat. As you manage to hold yourself together through the whirlwind of summer, know that whatever challenges you face will shape you for the better. Personal relationships are central to your life as you work to examine insecurities and manage stress. It’s hard work and that should be recognised. A slowdown and pause is coming over the next few months, and with that perhaps you can find some solace from all of it. As Capricorn season kicks off in late December, you’ll be longing for a leisurely, relaxing journey to help you get back on track. Plan ahead by booking a cabin in the woods, perhaps with friends or someone special. Maybe you’re tired of being locked up and a road trip sounds like a better idea. Whatever gets you out of your everyday life – and surrounds you in nature – does.

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