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With a huge list of sports clubs in Penn State, it can be difficult to decide which one to join.

The university offers 42 to choose from, and some are quirkier than the others.

Here are six of the most unusual club sports in Penn State.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then Quadball is for you.

Quidditch, recently dubbed quadball, offers a slightly less magical take on the sport featured in JK Rowling’s whimsical series.

It describes itself as a combination of handball, dodgeball and rugby. The mystical sport offers a co-educational, full-contact sport that students can participate in. Penn State’s club squad is extremely competitive and has qualified for multiple national championships.

There are four positions in the sport: Chaser, Warden, Beater, and Seeker, and each follows its own role as described in the book – although the roles have been modified for a more Muggle-friendly version of the game.

Goalkeepers try to protect their three goals while pursuers want to score against them. The Brawlers use dodgeballs to block or remove players from the field while the Seeker chases a neutral yellow group, aka the Snitch, to score 30 points and end the game.


Dressage, also known as “horse dance,” is another of Penn State’s many athletic clubs.

The club welcomes beginners and experts alike and offers the full club experience with experiences on and off the course.

In dressage, the rider must train a horse to show its flexibility and balance without jumping.

As part of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association, the Penn State club team competes against other schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Members of the groom dressage team

Members of the dressage team clean their horses on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at the Standing Ovation Equestrian Centre.


Penn State’s Sailing Club offers more nautical students the opportunity to hit the open water and earn their sea legs.

The club offers students the opportunity to train and participate in regattas, as well as volunteering like THON.

In sailing, contestants must use the wind to propel their ships forward while fighting to be the first to reach the finish line.

In team races, three boats for each team compete and the team with the highest net score wins the race.

bass fishing

Great anglers will be thrilled to know that Penn State offers a club bass fishing team.

Whether you want to expand your fishing knowledge or compete with others, this club has it all.

The sport consists of fishermen competing against each other at a set time interval to try to catch the biggest perch. The heavier the bass, the more points you earn in pursuit of victory.

In addition, the club engages with the fishing community by attending service events and seminars across the country.

Japanese culture festival

Members of the Penn State Kendo Club demonstrate their skills at the Japanese Cultural Festival at the HUB Alumni Hall on Sunday, April 16, 2017.


Then the Penn State bowling team might be for you. The Bowling Club brings the simple yet skillful game to University Park students, providing fun and competition for those who enjoy the sport.

Knock down as many pins as possible to claim glorious victory, and maybe even learn some cool tricks along the way.


Within its diverse range of options, Penn State has a club kendo team.

Also known as “Japanese fencing,” the sport uses traditional Japanese swordplay for its competition. Competitors use bamboo swords and wear fencing-like face masks, with the competition being between two opponents.

The aim of this sport is to hit the opponent in four specific zones: head, wrist, body and throat, each worth one point. A person must win two out of three points in a two to five minute game to win.

This club offers participating students a great opportunity to de-stress in a friendly environment and gives them a free hand to have fun to their heart’s content.


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