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I fathered two of them. I was born in 1936, not 1946, the official demographic date of the “boomer” generation and millennial fathers. Although born 10 years premature demographically and a member of the “Silent Generation”, I was an active believer in the tenets of a branch of the boomer generation called the hippies from an early age – and it was with such inclination that I raised my two millennia.

I was recently brought back to memories of the best of those times after my children told me why so many younger members of their generation don’t come to live and work full-time in Vermont. Most happily visit to enjoy and experience a wealth of outdoor activities to satisfy their ever-questioning lives, but for them there isn’t enough of what they call urban (city) experiences . These millennials, and millions like them, need both kinds of experiences to achieve their version of the American dream.

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