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OUTDOORS COMMENT: Time to prepare for archery season – Paris News | Gmx Pharm

We’ve beaten the heat once again and in a few days it will be time to climb into our tree stands and ground blinds with a trusty bow and hunt whitetails once again in the most challenging, fun but also exciting way. Now it’s time to make sure all your gear is in prime condition and that you can place that arrow where it needs to be when the moment of truth arrives and that brutal buck is within bow range.

I shoot a few arrows with my bow almost every day during the summer months, usually in the late afternoon or sometimes when I have time in the cool of the morning. Now is the perfect time to take your bow to your favorite bow shop and have it checked from bow to stern. Today’s bowstrings typically last for several years, but when they start fraying, it’s time to replace them. Have your bow checked by a qualified bow technician and replace worn parts.

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