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I remember my first time fishing for wild trout in a creek in Colorado. I was about 30 years old and some friends and I had made arrangements with a rancher to conduct a three day drop camp hunt for mule deer at his ranch near Silverton. When we arrived the rancher had the camp fully set up and a supply of aspen wood for the wood stove. It gets chilly in the mountains in October! As he made plans for our drop camp, he asked if we would like to fish and the answer was a resounding yes. He mentioned a small stream that ran through his property and was full of brown trout.

Neither of us were fly fishermen but we all packed our light spinning gear with a selection of small spinners and several jars of salmon eggs, light clamp weights and small trout hooks. None of us put our mark on a mule deer on this hunt. We might have been more successful if we had hunted all day rather than returning to camp after a short morning hunt and fishing in the creek until the afternoon hunt. During this short hunt I became “addicted” to catching and eating trout. Admittedly the Brookies were small trout but they put up a great fight with the ultra light tackle we used and they were a gourmet treat wrapped in tinfoil, butter and a squeeze of lemon!

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