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Francois Klark entered the music scene in 2018 and released his debut album. love. With only eight tracks, the album caught the attention of big musicians like Jon Bellion and Ginuwine.

Following its initial release, the Canadian singer-songwriter received Humber College’s Oscar Peterson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music, the highest honor in its prestigious Bachelor in Music program.

Infusing the genres of pop, neo-soul and electronic into his music, Klark’s work has also been featured in films. His single “Always” was covered by Disney star Sofia Carson on Netflix feel the beat.

Now, with over 15 million Spotify streams, Klark is back with his second album. adventure book. Taking inspiration from his own favorite artists Maggie Rogers and Labyrinth, the singer built on the foundation he laid with his previous album.

adventure book opens with an all-instrumental track, “Amanecer (Antigua, Guatemala)” that transports listeners to a dreamy, romantic atmosphere, almost like watching a fairy tale. As the minute-long track comes to an end, it segues into “Fuego,” where Klark shows off his piano-playing skills to the fullest.

More upbeat than the previous track, the song mixes pop and electronic influences to describe Klark’s experiences in Guatemala, singing about meeting new people and discovering a new culture around him. This theme of discovery and stepping out of your comfort zone remains a constant throughout the next seven tracks, creating an exciting storyline for listeners to follow.

In “Pirates,” the singer imagines fleeing with his partner to Oaxaca City, Mexico, escaping the reality around him. A romantic song in which Klark manifests what he desires for his future and realizes he needs to take full advantage of a supportive relationship.

By incorporating an R&B sound into his next song, “Cecilia,” Klark creates a standout element on the album and thanks the song’s title for taking it on adventures throughout Mexico. With a nostalgic and sentimental tone, the singer can’t seem to forget this girl and wonders where she is in her life now.

The sound of trumpets echoes in listeners’ ears as “Bedtime Stories” comes to the fore, a jazzy song in which Klark promises to take care of his significant other to relieve her of her fears and worries. “I know the world isn’t always kind / But you should know that I’ll always be by your side” builds on this key message and alludes to the idea of ​​Klark as a loyal partner.

With just a guitar and his isolated vocals, Klark shows listeners his true talent on “Beautiful Universe,” a song that sounds similar to an Ed Sheeran acoustic song, but still illustrates the strength of the singer’s voice. With perfectly layered harmonies, the singer lets hope shine through as he sings of better times, assuring listeners that the current state of the world will eventually improve.

“Sailing”, accompanied by orchestra and synths, is another homage to Klark’s support system, listing all the things he would give up for his partner to stay with him. Reflecting on his own struggles and loneliness, the singer admits he hates being alone and needs someone else in his life to motivate and love him.

Written on a vintage Yamaha pump organ, the instrument’s streams on “Paper Planes,” another standout from the album, allow for the perfect sense of intimacy and vulnerability on the track that Klark was trying to achieve. Another love song, “I am yours and you are mine / You and me ’till the end of time” is the main message of the song, making every listener express their love for whomever.

The final track, “Atardecer (Oaxaca, Mexico)” signals the end of Klark’s reflection on his time in the country, another instrumental track that leaves listeners hopeful, excited and amazed at the singer’s ability to transform them into a other world to kidnap just 30 minutes.

adventure book is quite an adventure that keeps listeners on their toes as Francois Klark delves into his time in Guatemala and Mexico, taking risks in his sound and themes that clearly show his evolution as a singer.

Rating: 5/5


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