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Disney may have created one of the most beloved family brands in the world. Along with parks, movies, and a must-have streaming service, the company also has a lesser-known travel product that offers an amazing way to see the world. Adventures By Disney is an ideal way to share the wonders of the world with family members of all ages. Adults will appreciate the seamless itineraries, luxury hotels, and Disney guides equipped with snacks, first-aid kits, and endless patience. Kids love teaming up with their new travel friends, seeing the world and creating their own interactive experiences. I enjoyed an ADP trip a few years ago and joined another this summer to Peru; I loved them both. Below are some reasons why an Adventures By Disney trip is a great way to see the world.

Impeccably guided trips

While planning a fun trip to a favorite beach or ski resort is a fairly simple endeavor, creating a seamless itinerary to a foreign country that appeals to both kids and adults, especially post-Covid, can be quite a challenge. The Disney team has created innovative itineraries that are packed with numerous daily activities and executed with impeccable precision. On my recent trip to Peru, the Disney pros arranged a great day of whitewater rafting, followed by a hearty picnic lunch and a hike around the ruins of Ollantaytambo, ending with dinner for the adults and a movie night for the kids . Our visit to Machu Picchu required a train ride and two private bus rides and was spectacular. In addition to bringing extremely knowledgeable local guides, the Disney team were provided with mosquito bracelets and bottled water. And if you’re experiencing those all-too-common flight delays, ABD’s 24-hour team can quickly help.

Something for everyone

With increasingly demanding schedules, the holidays are perhaps one of the few occasions when we can spend meaningful time sharing new experiences and memories with loved ones. ABD makes it easy to find your perfect trip by offering adventures around the world including trips to South Africa, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Italy and Alaska. You can even book an Around the World adventure that includes a private jet, six countries, multiple theme parks, and a visit to the Taj Mahal, Giza Pyramids, and the Eiffel Tower. The itineraries have been tailor-made for those with young children, those who prefer to travel with adults only, those who prefer a cruise and those who want to explore national parks as well as European capitals.

Luxurious accommodations

I love adventure travel, but I also like ending my day hiking (or strolling) in a comfortable hotel that offers a few luxurious touches. The hotels chosen by Adventure By Disney are all high-end, and many of them offer adult-friendly perks like a spa and gym, as well as kid-friendly amenities, including a pool and huge breakfast buffet. Depending on your trip, you might find yourself at the Peninsula Tokyo, the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, or the Tambo del Inca in Peru. And the Disney team carries away your luggage and it miraculously appears in your hotel room as you travel through your destination.

Great guides

Group travel, especially with young children, can be challenging. Trips usually include a local guide and a US-based guide, as well as local experts, all of whom are incredibly hospitable. Our amazing guides were knowledgeable, cheerful and always happy to accommodate any request that came their way. They helped us pose for crazy photos, provided bottled water and snacks, and helped the least intrepid of the group scale several ruins.


Many families travel with their children so that they too can experience the world and develop a deep love of discovery. These adventures are fun-filled and super active, but also help kids love the introduction of new cultures. In Peru, that doesn’t just mean seeing the most historic Inca ruins, but also spending time at a women’s collective to learn ancient weaving techniques or indulge in a guinea pig snack. As younger travelers immerse themselves in these experiences, a whole new breed of adventurers is born.

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