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Like so many things, girls’ trips look a little different these days. What was once a beach vacation filled with margaritas and spa treatments has morphed — for many — into a more adventurous and mindful type of getaway. Cocktails and sunbathing have been replaced by many with bike rides, surf camps and full-day hiking excursions, all in the name of quality time with your best friends, ideally surrounded by nature and fresh air. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that being healthy, being in nature and being surrounded by our loved ones are paramount to our happiness.

“Research and data continue to show us that spending time in nature has a positive impact on cognition, stress levels, alertness, and even our ability to empathize with others,” says Boulder, Colorado-based psychotherapist and counselor Kate Kripke. “When people have an experience of connection—with ourselves, others, or our surroundings—our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and we quickly have an experience of lightness and relaxation. Data tells us that just a few moments in nature can transform a brain from tired, disconnected, foggy and exhausted to alert and available for experiences that lead us to health and well-being.”

Travel expert Gwen Books has noticed a shift in customer demand over the past few years, particularly when it comes to women-only travel. “A renewed appreciation for wide open spaces has inspired my clients to visit national parks when their usual first instinct would have been a trip abroad,” she says. “These women are not typically campers – glamping maybe – but they are not typical RV travelers. Covid has created new healthy habits. Activities like hiking, horseback riding and dining under the stars were suddenly incorporated into the itineraries.”

Maybe that’s why outfitters like DuVine Bike Tours are seeing a rise in girl power-inspired custom adventures. “It’s no secret to anyone that cycling was a hobby that many people took up during Covid,” says Andy Levine, who founded his bike and adventure company DuVine 25 years ago. “It was safe to ride outdoors and you could have a stationary bike — and the company of your peloton class — at home. Now people are prioritizing travel and there is a new appreciation for expertly guided trips like ours, which allow guests to emerge, switch off and live in the moment. Covid has shown us all that you cannot delay the experiences you have dreamed of.”

According to Books, adventure travel may be more than just a passing trend. “The idea of ​​cramming into places with hundreds of people lost its appeal,” says Books. “Sticking in a bubble was the Covid norm. This has led to safe adventure travel with the same bubble.”

Levine agrees that one of the takeaways from the pandemic is a new appreciation not just of being active, but of who you’re active with. “I think the appeal of this type of vacation for women is taking time for themselves and each other,” he says. “Everyone’s life has changed during Covid and being together with old friends can be grounding. Riding with the people you know best is almost a metaphor for life: maybe you ride hard and it helps to know that they pedal with you. Or maybe you lost track of the miles because you enjoyed having someone in the saddle to chat with you. We’ve often heard that women feel stronger together. When climbing, they cheer each other on. They celebrate their achievements.”

Being active with loved ones by your side can be more than just fun and good for your health – it’s good for your spirit too. “Connecting with friends while you’re outside is a double whammy,” says Kripke. “When we share positive experiences with others, we not only change the chemical makeup of our physiology, but we create memories with others that strengthen social connections. One of the most important aspects of health and well-being is a strong social network. Find your girlfriends and go out!”

To get you started, the ultimate girly trips you can (and should) do right now.

This bike and adventure company runs domestic and international rides that cater to all levels, whether you’re a regular on the road or a beginner in the sport. US tour options range from Aspen, Colorado to Maine, California, Maui, Vermont and upstate New York. If you are looking for a little more epic adventure, there are also plenty of options in Latin America, Europe and even as far as Africa.

And if you really want to experience a new place on two wheels but aren’t sure you can do it, e-bikes are an option for that extra support. Regardless of how many breaks you need to take, or whether you need to hop in the support van (which is always stocked with snacks and drinks), you’ll still be rewarded with great dining experiences – one of the things Duvine offers at the highest level are tours known for. And don’t worry: Duvine provides the bikes and gear, so all you have to think about is how much fun you’re going to have exploring a new place with your best girls from a two-wheeled perspective.

Another option for two-wheeled adventures: Backroads.

You and your crew can experience the Pura Vida at Gilded Iguana – Nosara, Costa Rica’s original surf hotel. Gilded Iguana is just steps from one of the country’s best surfing beaches, Playa Guiones, and surfers of all levels are welcome to either perfect their skills or learn the basics. The full-service surf school means you might come as a beginner, but you’ll feel like a real surfer. And if you join the property’s surf club, you can choose from any board your boat will float on (pun intended) — from boogie boards to SUPs — and you’ll have a spot for storage, as well as access to a locker room and vending booths, as well as a Lounge and a juice bar. Joining also means discounts on lessons, food and even mountain bike rentals if you decide to change your sport for a day during your stay.

Another option for Hang 10: Just surf

If you’ve been locked away for a good chunk of the last few years and want to reunite with your best girls in a truly epic way, what better option than embarking on a footpath through the spectacular Italian Dolomites, aptly named Mountain Guides of the Dolomites. You won’t believe your eyes as you hike through the lush meadows and rugged peaks of the Italian Dolomites. The trip can be customized to include short day hikes or multi-day hikes depending on your fitness level and preferences. Better yet, you’ll earn all those homemade pasta and pizzas you’ll inevitably consume. The journey lets you literally wander from town to town, staying in a mix of hotels and cabins — essentially mountain inns (think: the coziest bed and breakfast imaginable, but on top of a mountain) — that are private in Owned and known for incredible hospitality and food.

A local option for exploring the sites on foot: wildland trekking

Skiing with your girls is always fun, but skiing with your girls in France really is next level. At the Steep Skiing Camps you can sign up for their all-women option to explore the legendary terrain of Chamonix and Verbier – afterward you can explore the country’s legendary après-ski scene, which is just as impressive. The camp price includes your lift tickets, accommodation and even some of your meals, so you can focus all your energies on perfecting your turns on the steeps and learning how to safely navigate the backcountry. Steep Skiing Camps take your journey to new heights (literally) and even take you on this five-day heli-skiing adventure. Of course, this camp isn’t for beginners, but it’s perfect for best friends who live for powder days.

Another way to ski with your sisters: Jackson Hole Elevate Women’s Ski Camp

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