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Acadia National Park is one of Maine’s most famous hiking destinations, and for good reason. The park has over 120 miles of hiking trails and over 45 miles of smooth, gravel, traffic-free driveways. This path system is a work of art with huge stone bridges, rock steps, boardwalks and historic cairns.

Acadia is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, regardless of your ability or skill level.

Whether you’re visiting the park for the first time or a local looking for a new adventure, here’s everything you need to know about hiking in Acadia.

A map of Acadia National Park can be found here.

Hiking tips for Acadia National Park

  • Before planning your hike or visiting the park, check the park’s website for information about closed trails, as some trails are closed at certain times of the year for restoration or to protect wildlife.
  • Plan several hiking options. That way, if a parking space fills up, you can move on to your next option. Do not park illegally as you will be fined.
  • Don’t underestimate the hiking trails in Acadia National Park. Some of them are quite challenging, so bring plenty of water, fuel, and supplies.
  • Acadia allows dogs, but they are prohibited on some trails that have ladders, rungs, and other obstacles that cannot be safely negotiated with a dog. Here is a list of these trails.
  • To avoid the biggest crowds, plan your hike in the early morning or late afternoon.

An insider’s guide to Acadia

A few tips for visiting Acadia in the summer, when traffic is rampant but the weather can’t be beat.

11 things you might not know about Acadia National Park, but should

Even if you’re a regular at Acadia National Park, there are likely still a few secrets about the legendary park that you don’t know.

21 Great Hikes in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of Maine’s most famous travel destinations, and for good reason.

Acadia’s most famous hikes

The views from Acadia’s most famous trails and peaks can’t be beat. But while the park may not feature high-altitude hikes, their steep and exposed trails can be technically difficult and challenging for those afraid of heights.

This video shows what it's like to hike Acadia's famous Beehive Trail

The walk to the front of the hive is only moderately difficult, but can be intimidating if you’re even a little afraid of heights.

Hiking the Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park

One of the most difficult trails in Acadia National Park, the Precipice Trail is not for hikers afraid of heights.

Why the Bubbles are among Acadia's most famous mountains

The Bubbles have become one of the most popular hiking destinations as they offer open granite cliffs with breathtaking views.

More hikes in Acadia National Park

Acadia's easy Ocean Path leads to some of the most famous attractions in the park

The Ocean Path along Mount Desert Island’s scenic, rocky coast is a popular, easy hiking trail in Acadia National Park, stretching from famous Sand Beach to Otter Point.

Hike the Great Head Trail in Acadia National Park for stunning ocean views

The Great Head Trail in Acadia National Park along the rocky coast offers stunning views of Frenchman Bay.

Hiking the Bar Island Trail in Acadia National Park

Hiking the Bar Island Trail is a popular summer activity, but this little hike has gotten some tourists in trouble over the years.

Acadia Mountain is the perfect introduction to hiking in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is home to many famous hikes, but people rarely talk about the park’s namesake mountain.

Acadia's Gorham Mountain is one of the best hikes for your money

If you’ve been thinking about climbing Acadia’s Gorham Mountain, it might be a sign that you should have your gear ready for an amazing experience.

How I climbed 6 mountains during a hike in Acadia National Park

“I didn’t know this type of trail existed in Acadia, despite having explored the park for several years.”

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