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City of El Paso Presents Preliminary Findings of Downtown Arena Study – El Paso Times | Gmx Pharm

Dozens filled a room at the El Paso Museum of Art Thursday night to get a look at the first draft of ideas that emerged from the feasibility and programming study for the Downtown Multi-Purpose Arts and Entertainment Center.

Two tables stood on either side of the room with a series of picture boards on them – one side in English, the other in Spanish – with soil studies, market assessments, potential events, a project map and a building inventory, which is a key part of a plan, possibly some of the to include the existing Duranguito building in the arena project.

Participants went through the photos and placed sticky notes of different colors to indicate their approval or disapproval of the proposed layout and design ideas.

Attendees at a town hall on Thursday left colored notes on photo boards showing design ideas and potential programming for the multipurpose arts and entertainment center as part of the city's presentation of the preliminary results of the project's feasibility and programming study.

For Daniela Quesada, chief architect for the city’s Department of Capital Improvements, City Hall on Thursday provided an opportunity for the public to “engage with the information … so everyone can follow closely how this study is progressing and what we’re learning, how our next one is doing.” steps affected.”

Quesada said that among the study’s key findings is that there is “a clear gap in the market” when it comes to entertainment venues with a capacity between 8,000 and 10,000 that are capable of hosting “modern shows, events.”

Updated: September 17, 2022 — 12:32 am

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